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Here's the code included with AMOS CRAFT to draw a Mandelbrot fractal in AMOS BASIC. It also demonstrates how CRAFT's built-in Mandelbrot generator works.
It should be easily portable to other forms of BASIC too.
Remember # indicates a floating point type variable, while $AA ($0AA) is a hexadecimal constant. The palette is 16 shades of turquoise:

' The slow mandelbrot by Hannu Rummukainen
' This program has been made to demonstrate the amazing effectiveness
' of the algorithms used in the CRAFT extension. The program calculates
' a picture of the Mandelbrot set in AMOS. It does the same trick as 
' the following CRAFT instructions:
' Fr Window 0
' Fr Position -16000,12800 
' Fr Step 100
' Fr Mandelbrot 16 
Screen Open 0,320,256,16,Lowres
Curs Off : Flash Off : Cls 0
Palette 0,$11,$22,$33,$44,$55,$66,$77,$88,$99,$AA,$BB,$CC,$DD,$EE,$FF
For Y=0 To 255
   For X=0 To 319
         Inc N
      Until ZR#*ZR#+ZI#*ZI#>4 or N=16
      Plot X,Y,N
   Next X
Next Y
On testing in WinUAE, the CRAFT extension instructions do give a slightly different result to the BASIC code, however:
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Name:	AMOS_BASIC_Mandelbrot.png
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Name:	AMOS_CRAFT_Mandelbrot.png
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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
A clever bloke indeed.

Coincidentally I'm just reading Jurassic Park, which features fractal images inbetween each chapter (as well as mentioning fractals and Mandelbrot in the story).

Thank you for this post! This was a must to get mentioned.
Notably, you are reading JP - with emphasis on "reading", because the action-laden (plus action-focused) movie did not even allude to this fractal thing one second.
If you haven't read the book, you won't EVER get a notion of Crichton's actual intention to write all this. It's just SO many miles away. Be this a hint to everyone reading this post.
The dialectics of JP (movie) to JP (book) may possibly be compared to the cuddly-cutesy product Disney made (or: "left") out of Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book".

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Damn that truly is fucked up! R.I.P
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Wondered where Mandelbrot Fractal came from in Paint.Net.
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a true pioneer he was...sad news indeed..R.I.P
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Floppy disk XaoS

Almost a year on - what better tribute to Benoit Mandlelbrot than the XaoS realtime fractal zoomer?
This can zoom in and explore various kinds of fractals (including Mandelbrot by default) in breathtaking smoothness and detail, particularly for those used to old-school Amiga fractal generators (which were pretty good back then too).

As well as working on MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BSD, there is also a version included with AROS. I like this software a lot.
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Just found autopilot on Xaos
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