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any word on a new version of winuae


anything ? :-)
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Give up the ghost
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Wasn't this same question posted just a day or so ago?
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I know if you write some program there allways is something to improve BUT what do you think is wrong with WinUAE 0.8.21R4 It´s far the best WinUAE Version I have ever tested So just wait for the new versions and since then, enjoy 21R4
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Give up the ghost
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In the short amount of time since Toni took the project over from Brian, WinUAE has grown quantum leaps. Toni's interaction with the WinUAE-using community is only surpassed by his technical wizardry. Not only that, he's just one of the gang!
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Old 20 July 2002, 00:56   #5
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True and true, winuae is good but I was wondering when that display prob with opengl was going to be fixed and some display probs with some games.
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I'm certain that if Toni is informed of any problems, they go onto a "Things-to-do" list. So, try to work around any problems you have using the latest version, and give him a chance to work!

Are there any specific problems you are having? You mention display problems in games. What games? Configuration? You may find it's something common, and relatively simple to sort out. God knows I know that feeling!
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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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display prob with opengl
Please explain.. Crash? Graphics glitches? Something else?

display probs with some games
Names? What kind of glitches?
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Old 20 July 2002, 15:12   #8
Tik Gora :D

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Whats up Toni , Your mind reading ability not working atm ?

Sheesh i dunno why you put up with these idiots sometimes.
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Old 21 July 2002, 02:55   #9
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just stuff I mentioned earlier

superfrogs red mouthed bees at intro
yitu in bodyblows is screwed
opengl screens not showing everything -swiv and many others
those virtual floppy improvements plus shortcut keys to exchanging disks (use hd games much easier :-) )
skicky shift key in pinball games
fast copper improvement
rainbow islands fix
centering of games not causing garbage on right hand side of screen in normal display mode (opengl taking over from this?)

theres probably more but I dont come here often and I dont keep track of such things really but just wondering thats all.
certainly this release is the best yet. Emulators always need SO MUCH WORK winuae is pretty close to perfect.. just a few things ya know.. I just like to see sofware updated especially the stuff I use :-)
its just nice to see what is being updated or what could be updated while your holding out for the next version.

Good work..
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I posted these bloody problems already
didnt know this did you??? HUH??? HUH???
whos the idiot now? .. oh im sorry guess I have to answer that for you


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Well, "Unregistered" is such a popular name on this board, it's hard to know you already posted.
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Please CHILL OUT, Unregistered person.
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