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Stable AF Configuration for Music-X?

Howdy folks.

I spent some time here last year, and everyone was very helpful. Thanks!

I walked away from my AF Plus 2009 because I could not find a stable, solid configuration to run Music-X 2.0, but I just bought AF Plus 2010, and am trying it again.

The problem I'm having is erratic tempo, with halts and slow-downs. I also get stuck notes in the main Sequencer screen, but those notes do not stick during playback from the Edit screen. (I have turned off the 'Re-Out' for each MIDI channel, in the Filters screen, so it's not that - I thought it was a MIDI feedback loop).

The closest one to work so far:

UAE Plugin

Emulated Hardware: A600, Basic non-expanded configuration
Emulated Drives: Music-XDisk1 & Disk2
Hard Drives: 'Add PC drives at startup' is checked. This adds my C: drive and a partitioned D: drive that serves as my bridge to the PC side, for finished songs, etc.
Added Hardfiles: 'System2.0.hdf' & 'Work.hdf'. These were moved to my PC from my actual Amiga 600HD, using Amiga Explorer, a few years ago. After loading the 'Work.hdf' image, I uncheck the box marked 'bootable'.
Display: I use the drop-down box to change from Primary Display Driver to my Radeon All-In-Wonder 8500DV. I change the Native Mode dropdown box to Full-window, because I cannot do sequencer work in such a small screen.
IO Ports: MIDI dropdown box gets changed to my USB MIDI Interface (E-MU XMIDI2x2, although I also could use an Roland/Edirol UM-1)

After the Workbench loads, it looks like my actual A600HD's screen, with my familiar desktop icons. I open Music-X from my 'Work.hdf' hardfile, where it is installed on my 'System2.0.hdf'. I have tried running it from the 'Music-XDisk1', but when I try to open any requesters to load a sequence, I get an error, asking me to 'Suspend' or 'Reboot'. Either one requires a restarting of WinUAE.

That's all the variables I can think of right now. If anyone has any help, I would greatly appreciate it. I would obviously love to use the fastest Amiga possible, since complex sequences require complex screen redraws.

I love the look of the AmiKit and AmiSys, but I cannot figure out how to include my PC drives or select my MIDI interface. Same with all the other ready-to-click AF emulations on the 'Applications' tab. So I've been stuck with WinUAE, which is fine if it worked.

Thanks everyone!
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This thread has 41 views, but no clues? Hard to fathom.

How about an easier question: which chipset should be used when trying to emulate an A600HD? I believe that WinUAE chooses the AGA by default, but mouse hovering over AGA states: A1200, A4000, CD32 while hovering over Full ECS states: A500+, A600, and A3000.

Would Full ECS provide a more stable timing clock than AGA? Do either of these chips even have anything to do with timing clocks?

Thanks in advance.
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Not sure about AF, but the A600 quickstart in WinUAE will set Full ECS.
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