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What brought you back to Amiga?

Firstly, big apologies to everyone if this thread has been done before, AND if I have put this in the wrong place (No offence intended!!!!) I am new here!

I realise that a lot of you guys that are here have never been away from the Amiga, but in a way I haven't ever lost the faith, I just didn't have the money to keep going.

But, what broguht me back was CF adapters. I came across one one day at a computer fair in London and thought "Hey.. wait a moment.. what if I..." and then did a little research, adn found you guys had already had that idea. plus someone on E-bay mentioned swapping the floppy disk for a super slim CD-ROM using another adapter. I though must have a go at this!

So here I am, about 6 months down the line, some new A600's and A1200s all lined up for different case mods and hardware upgrades. Its been really great going over the board here for ideas, and plans.and general I never got rid of my old kit, but they had long since been towered up. I have been biggger, now I want smaller. So far I ahev a A600 with CD rom, buffered IDE, 4gb CF, and a semi completed A1200 with floppy replaced (extended out to an external bay) Shame AmigaKit ran out of FAST ATA IIIs Is Elbox moving away from the market? I still have the very first PCI kit they sold, and a Power Tower! though the drive packed up while in storage.

So, that is why I am back for the future.. anyone else?
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Well I never really left the amiga as such, as i was using winuae since the days that it was command line driven. However I only recently started getting the original hardware again when my old kit started to come out of my parents loft as they where moving, chucked some of it away , then thought ooo i wonder if i can get a a1200 on ebay I always wanted one of those. So 3 amigas later and I am still expanding.
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Hi Amigaman!

Welcome to EAB =)

It was Classic Workbench that got me hooked on the Amiga again, if you haven't tried it you really should:



Its an awsome revamped workbench for the 21st century with different packs available depending on the target system

Do let us know how you get on with your setups/hacks and post lots of pics

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I had an Amiga 500+ back in the day. I came back to it in the past couple of years to play SWOS again and just to try out some games I missed first time round.

I also now have a CD32 (or two!) which I always wanted to try, now I can and have a couple of games to accompany it.

I don't spend much time on it, only dipping in now and again.
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Actually my girlfriend convinced me to buy an Amiga again as weird as that may sound. She was completely blown away by the scene stuff after I took her to the Up Rough 10 years anniversary party where she saw Goto80 live and talked to some of my friends about my past protracking. (:
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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what got me back into the Amiga?

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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
what got me back into the Amiga?


Well since it was on EAB I found Classic Workbench I guess you could say it was EAB that got me back into the Amiga

Nice bunch of people here
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My Amiga was in my parents' loft for over 10 years, I told them to chuck it all but when I saw it I got all nostalgic, kept the games, sold the hardware and bought Amiga Forever 2008, a USB joystick and a gamepad.

Then I discovered EAB...
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Kim Lemon and his site. So sad it is slowly dying after Kim's demise
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Kim Lemon and his site. So sad it is slowly dying after Kim's demise
I dont think its that dramatic, kim is simply too busy!

and WinUAE for me too!

Last edited by mihcael; 11 August 2010 at 14:51.
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well nothing actually brought me back to the Amiga, I wasn't here the first time round
I had an Acorn Archimedes which got me some Amiga games (GODS, Lotus 2 etc)

I was thinking of getting an Amiga for the retro games that I didn't have before. Discovered this place, and WinUae... and never looked back. Well actually I did, I found Winuae difficult to use because I didn't understand "Amigas". Thought "**** it I need a REAL machine."

Bought my first A1200 soon after and an Indivision AGA to play on my LCD. Discovered WHDLOAD and bought myself a key and thats been it. Hooked.

Truly bitten by the "old crap" bug. The A1200 was followed by a second for spares, my 8MB ram card gave way to an 030 which then made room for an 060 (still got the 8mb card as backup.)

I then deviated from the Amiga and got myself an Atari Falcon (and was given an STE and STF) Lovely though my collection has become, I still missed my old Acorn kit. So I recently acquired a Risc PC (which I could never have afforded back in the day) and an Older Acorn A3000.

So it could be said that my introduction to Amiga brought me back to my old Acorn kit via a few Atari's along the way .

And I wouldn't part with ANY of it.
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I never really left. I was exposed to my friends 500 then a couple months later, I got a 2000 with 2088 bridgeboard. That did me through the majority of my university career with occ upgrades vxl, 386 bb, ram bigger harddrive etc. Then I picked up a 4000t. I used it and only until recently been using it for work. Rightnow I am removing batteries and cleaning them up to hopefully go nother 20 years.
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I saw one of those megadrive plug in sets on firebox, bought it cos of SWOS. Although it was ok, it doesnt compare to the Amiga version, raved about it to my gf who's a bit younger than me so knew nothing of amigas (although she does now) and decided to see if i could buy one. So I popped a wanted ad on Gumtree and did a google. Found a 600 in a cashconvertors shop not too far away. Paid a tenner for it and found a nice guy called tajmaster had messaged me from gumtree and he sorted me out with some disks, a few emails and links to a few forums.
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For me, my A500 had been sitting on top of my wardrobe in its box for several years after I got my first PC.

I think I got it out one day and realised the modulator and PSU was missing, so put it away, knowing I couldn't possibly use it (what was I to know i.e. Scart cables).

After chatting on this forum about it, I realised that AmigaKit were selling RGB to Scart cables, so picked one up (along with a new PSU).

The rest, as they say, is history.
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winuae brought me back to amiga an then my 1200 was powerd up from loft because it was cool for the demo stuff that winuae was struggleing with
but carnt compete with the quad core gaming pc

its 2010 here im afraid lol
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A naked woman holding a 512k ram expansion and an iced fairy cake.
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Why did I come back to the Amiga? It's simple, I just missed it so much! Y'know you can only really appreciate how good a machine it is when you have not used one in a while. How a computer should work!
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Never came back. I allways was an Atari man but stopped using them 1995 or so when i sold my Falcon (boy i wished i never done that, try finding one today! ).

I was looking for a new hobby and a friend of mine (hey 1sttime!) was into it. I finally decided to check out what all the fuzz was about with the Amiga. Apart from him, WHDLoad was a big reason for me buying an Amiga.

Got a Amiga 1200 with CF and a nice 030@50Mhz atm. Still looking for a good deal on a 060 though.
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