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uber cool demi god

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Originally Posted by waal
  • [ Show youtube player ]


We present a selection of 326 games for Winuaex.

These Xtras include:
  • - Multiple floppy (ADF) versions (normal, trainer...) regrouped in a zip for each game
    - 320 Hard drive installed (WHD) versions for faster loading and no disk swap
    - Artwork including 3D boxarts, boxarts, title, snap etc...
    - Video previews for every game
    - Manuals for 292 titles. (258 manual scans, 286 text files)
    - FAQs including hints, keys, solutions, walkthrough and reviews for 261 titles
    - Maps for .. five games. Lucky you
    - Video commercials. 34 in WMV to watch on XMBC with a beer in the hand and a kleenex in the other. 8 in XMV because how would it be if I don't promise you an update ?

Included in the new Winuaex:
  • - A synopsis for this selection
    - A config DB for more than 2000 games inluding these of coz.
    - Controller presets

People Involved So Far..
  • Waal - Head Honcho
    Madmab - Coding and game manuals
    Bigby - Videos, Synopsis
    Cbagy - 3d Boxart
    Dannermax - Artwork, Synopsis
    TTD - Synopsis
    Rare_j - The wonderful conversion script that helps making whdload work perfect on the xbox.
    Wimpy - Data scraping and awesome online synopsis editor

Greetings to Gilou9999 for testing and setting the boxarts to the good size. Darknior for testing and support.

Selected games

Agony HD
Alien Breed I HD
Alien Breed I
Alien Breed II HD
Alien Breed II
Alien Breed III - Tower Assault HD
Alien Breed III - Tower Assault
Another World HD
Another World
Apano Sin HD
Apano Sin
Apidya HD
Arcade Pool HD
Arcade Pool
Arctic Fox HD
Arctic Fox
Arkanoid I HD
Arkanoid I
Armour Geddon II HD
Armour Geddon II
Awesome HD
Ballistix HD
Banshee HD
Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior HD
Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior
Bard's Tale I HD
Bard's Tale I
Bargon Attack HD
Bargon Attack
Battle Chess I HD
Battle Chess I
Battle Isle HD
Battle Isle
Battle Squadron HD
Battle Squadron
BC Kid
Beach Volley HD
Beach Volley
Beneath a Steel Sky HD
Beneath a Steel Sky
Benefactor HD
Black Crypt HD
Black Crypt
Blood Money HD
Blood Money
Brat HD
Brian the lion HD
Brian the lion
Bubba N Stix HD
Bubba N Stix
Bubble Bobble HD
Bubble Bobble
Budokan - The Martial Spirit HD
Budokan - The Martial Spirit
Cadaver & Cadaver - The Payoff HD
Cadaver & Cadaver - The Payoff
Cannon Fodder I HD
Cannon Fodder I
Captain Blood HD
Captain Blood
Captive I HD
Captive I
Castles I HD
Castles I
Castles II HD
Celtic Legends HD
Celtic Legends
Chaos Engine I HD
Chaos Engine I
Chip's Challenge HD
Chip's Challenge
Chuck Rock I HD
Chuck Rock I
Civilization HD
Colonization HD
Cool spot HD
Cool spot
Crazy Cars III HD
Crazy Cars III
Creatures HD
Cruise for a corpse HD
Cruise for a corpse
Crystal Hammer HD
Crystal Hammer
Curse of Enchantia HD
Curse of Enchantia
Curse of RA HD
Curse of RA
Curse of the azure bonds HD
Curse of the azure bonds
Cybernoid II - The Revenge HD
Cybernoid II - The Revenge
Darkmere HD
Defender of the Crown I HD
Defender of the Crown I
Deluxe Galaga HD
Deluxe Galaga
Denaris-Katakis HD
Desert Strike HD
Desert Strike
Deuteros - The Next Millennium HD
Deuteros - The Next Millennium
D-Generation HD
Disposable Hero HD
Disposable Hero
Dragon Flight HD
Dragon Flight
Dragon Wars HD
Dragon Wars
Drakkhen HD
Dune I HD
Dune I
Dune II HD
Dune II
Dungeon Master I HD
Dungeon Master I
Dungeon Quest HD
Dungeon Quest
Dyna Blaster HD
Dyna Blaster
Elite HD
Elvira I - Mistress of the Dark HD
Elvira I - Mistress of the Dark
E-Motion HD
Empire - War Game of the Century
Epic & Mission Disk HD
Epic & Mission Disk
Escape from Colditz HD
Escape from Colditz
Escape Planet Robot Monsters HD
Escape Planet Robot Monsters
Extase HD
Eye of Horus HD
Eye of Horus
Eye of the Beholder I HD
Eye of the Beholder I
Faery Tale Adventure HD
Faery Tale Adventure
Fate - Gates of Dawn HD
Fate - Gates of Dawn
Feud HD
Fire and Brimstone HD
Fire and Brimstone
Fire Power HD
Fire Power
First Samurai HD
First Samurai
Flashback HD
Flight of The Amazon Queen HD
Flight of The Amazon Queen
Formula One Grand Prix HD
Formula One Grand Prix
Frontier - Elite II HD
Frontier - Elite II
Fury of the Furries HD
Fury of the Furries
Future Wars - Time Travellers HD
Future Wars - Time Travellers
Garrison II - The Legend Continues HD
Garrison II - The Legend Continues
Gem X HD
Gem X
Goal! HD
Gobliins II - Prince Buffoon HD
Gobliins II - Prince Buffoon
Gods HD
Gravity-Force HD
Great Courts I HD
Great Courts I
Great Courts II HD
Great Courts II
Great Giana Sisters HD
Great Giana Sisters
Heart of China HD
Heart of China
Heimdall I HD
Heimdall I
Heimdall II HD
Heimdall II
HeroQuest I & Expansion HD
HeroQuest I & Expansion
Hired Guns HD
Hired Guns
Historyline 1914-1918 HD
Historyline 1914-1918
Hostages HD
Hudson Hawk HD
Hudson Hawk
Humans I HD
Humans I
Hunter HD
Hybris HD
Indianapolis 500 - The Simulation HD
Indianapolis 500 - The Simulation
Indigo HD
Indy Heat HD
Indy Heat
Indy III - The Graphic Adventure HD
Indy III - The Graphic Adventure
Indy IV - The Graphic Adventure HD
Indy IV - The Graphic Adventure
International Karate Plus HD
International Karate Plus
Iron Lord HD
Iron Lord
Ishar III HD
Ishar III
It Came from the Desert I HD
It Came from the Desert I
Jaguar XJ-220 HD
Jaguar XJ-220
James Pond II HD
James Pond II
Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker HD
Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker
Jumping Jack'Son HD
Jumping Jack'Son
K240 HD
Kick Off II HD
Kick Off II
Killing Cloud HD
Killing Cloud
Killing Game Show HD
Killing Game Show
King Of Chicago HD
King of Chicago
King's Quest V HD
King's Quest V
Klax HD
Knights of the sky HD
Knights of the sky
Kult HD
Laser Squad HD
Laser Squad
Last Ninja I - Remix HD
Last Ninja I - Remix
Leander HD
Leavin Teramis HD
Leavin Teramis
Legend Of Kyrandia HD
Legend of Kyrandia
Legends HD
Leisure Suit Larry V HD
Leisure Suit Larry V
Lemmings I HD
Lemmings I
Lemmings II HD
Lemmings II
Lemmings III HD
Lemmings III
Lion King HD
Lion King
Lionheart HD
Liquid Kids HD
Liquid Kids
Loom HD
Lords of the Realm HD
Lords of the Realm
Lords of the Rising Sun HD
Lords of the Rising Sun
Lost Patrol HD
Lost Patrol
Lost Vikings HD
Lost Vikings
Lotus I HD
Lotus I
Lotus II HD
Lotus II
Lotus III HD
Lotus III
Lure of the Temptress HD
Lure of the Temptress
Maniac Mansion HD
Maniac Mansion
Marble Madness HD
Marble Madness
Maupiti Island HD
Maupiti Island
Mean Streets HD
Mean Streets
Mega-lo-Mania HD
Menace HD
Micro Machines HD
Micro Machines
MicroProse Golf HD
MicroProse Golf
MicroProse Soccer HD
MicroProse Soccer
Midwinter I HD
Midwinter I
Midwinter II HD
Midwinter II
Might and Magic III HD
Might and Magic III
Mikro Mortal Tennis
Millennium 2.2 HD
Millennium 2.2
Monkey Island I HD
Monkey Island I
Monkey Island II HD
Monkey Island II
Moonstone HD
Mr Nutz HD
Mr Nutz
Murder HD
Myth - History in the Making HD
Myth - History in the Making
Naughty Ones HD
Naughty Ones
Nebulus I HD
Nebulus I
Nebulus II - Pogo a gogo HD
Nebulus II - Pogo a gogo
Neuromancer HD
Nitro HD
North & South HD
North & South
Nuclear War HD
Nuclear War
Obitus HD
Obliterator HD
One Step Beyond feat Colin Curly
Ooops Up HD
Ooops Up
Operation Stealth HD
Operation Stealth
Ork HD
Oscar HD
Overdrive (Team17) HD
Overdrive (Team17)
Pacmania HD
Pang HD
Panza Kick Boxing HD
Panza Kick Boxing
Paradroid 90 HD
Paradroid 90
Parasol Stars HD
Parasol Stars
PGA European Tour HD
PGA European Tour
Pinball Dreams HD
Pinball Dreams
Pinball Fantasies HD
Pinball Fantasies
Pinball Illusions HD
Pinball Illusions
Pinball Prelude HD
Pinball Prelude
Pirates! Gold HD
Pirates! Gold
Pirates! HD
Pool of radiance HD
Pool of radiance
Pools of darkness HD
Pools of darkness
Populous I HD
Populous I
Populous II HD
Populous II
Powermonger HD
Prince Of Persia HD
Prince of Persia
Project-X HD
Projectyle HD
Push Over HD
Push Over
Putty HD
Puzznic HD
Quest for Glory I - Hero's Quest HD
Quest for Glory I - Hero's Quest
Quest for the Time-Bird HD
Quest for the Time-Bird
Qwak HD
Railroad Tycoon HD
Railroad Tycoon
Rainbow Islands HD
Rainbow Islands
Rampart HD
Rick Dangerous I HD
Rick Dangerous I
Rick Dangerous II HD
Rick Dangerous II
Roadkill HD
Robocop I HD
Robocop I
Robocop III HD
Robocop III
Rocket Ranger HD
Rocket Ranger
Rock'n Roll HD
Rock'n Roll
Rodland HD
Ruff 'N' Tumble HD
Ruff 'N' Tumble
Sabre Team HD
Sabre Team
Seek & Destroy HD
Seek & Destroy
Sensible Golf HD
Sensible Golf
Sensible Soccer HD
Sensible Soccer
Sensible world of soccer HD
Sensible world of soccer
Sentinel HD
Settlers HD
Seven gates of Jambala HD
Seven gates of Jambala
Shadow of the Beast I HD
Shadow of the Beast I
Shadow of the Beast II HD
Shadow of the Beast II
Shadow of the Beast III HD
Shadow of the Beast III
ShockWave HD
Shufflepuck Cafe HD
Shufflepuck Cafe
Silent Service II HD
Silent Service II
Silkworm HD
Simon The Sorcerer HD
Simon The Sorcerer
Simulcra HD
Skidz HD
Slam Tilt HD
Slam Tilt
Sleepwalker HD
Snow Bros HD
Snow Bros
Soccer Kid HD
Soccer Kid
Space Quest III HD
Space Quest III
Speedball II - Brutal Deluxe HD
Speedball II - Brutal Deluxe
Spindizzy Worlds HD
Spindizzy Worlds
Starglider II HD
Starglider II
Stormlord HD
Stryx HD
Stunt Car Racer HD
Stunt Car Racer
Super Cars II HD
Super Cars II
Super Hang On HD
Super Hang On
Super Off Road HD
Super Off Road
Super Skidmarks HD
Super Skidmarks
Super Skweek HD
Super Skweek
Super Space Invaders HD
Super Space Invaders
Super Tennis Champs HD
Super Tennis Champs
Superfrog HD
Switchblade I HD
Switchblade I
Switchblade II HD
Switchblade II
Sword HD
Syndicate HD
Teenage Queen HD
Teenage Queen
Tetris (Mirrorsoft) HD
Tetris (MirrorSoft)
Tetris HD
Theme Park HD
Theme Park
Three Stooges HD
Three Stooges
Tiny Skweeks HD
Tiny Skweeks
Titan HD
Titus the Fox HD
Titus the Fox
Toki HD
Tower of Babel
Transarctica HD
Traps'n Treasures HD
Traps'n Treasures
Trolls HD
Turrican I HD
Turrican I
Turrican II HD
Turrican II
Turrican III HD
Turrican III
TV Sports Basketball HD
TV Sports Basketball
Twintris HD
Typhoon Thompson HD
Typhoon Thompson
UFO - Enemy Unknown HD
UFO - Enemy Unknown
Ugh! HD
Ultima VI HD
Ultima VI
Ultimate Body Blows HD
UN Squadron HD
UN Squadron
Universe HD
Unreal HD
Uridium II HD
Uridium II
Venus the flytrap HD
Venus the flytrap
Virocop HD
Virus HD
Voodoo Nightmare HD
Voodoo Nightmare
Vroom HD
Walker HD
Waxworks HD
Ween HD
Weird Dreams HD
Weird Dreams
Wings HD
Wings of Death HD
Wings of Death
Wizball HD
Wizkid HD
Wolfchild HD
Worms - The Directors Cut HD
Worms - The Directors Cut
Wrath of the Demon HD
Wrath of the Demon
Xenon II - Megablast HD
Xenon II - Megablast
X-Out HD
Yo! Joe! HD
Yo! Joe!
Yolanda HD
Zak McKracken HD
Zak McKracken
Zany Golf HD
Zany Golf
Zeewolf II HD
Zeewolf II
Zool I HD
Zool I
Zool II HD
Zool II
Zoom HD
Z-Out HD
Next steps
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There ya go. ;-)
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Is it legal ?
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Why on earth are WHDLoad and floppy versions of each game included?
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Floppy versions for trainers and for people like me who enjoyed the amiga scene and loves the cracktros and stuff. In a word, because it's part of History.

WHDLoad versions because it loads fast and it's cool.

Please note that you're invited to bring your own WHDLoad registration key. I don't supply any in the pack. And i've already got mine.
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Thx waal,
probably took the rs links from snesorama. The megaupload ones work fine. Pretty nice package.
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