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Old 10 July 2002, 22:55   #1
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Problem with shift key in WinUAE

Whilep playing Pinball Fantasies, using the latest WInUAE, running under Windows XP, I encountered the problem that the flippers sometimes stay up, untill I press the shift key again.

I guess for some reason, the emulator keeps the key on auto repeat or something. Does someone have a solution for this problem?

Thank You!

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Old 10 July 2002, 23:46   #2
Tik Gora :D

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I wonder if this is something to do with the 'Sticky Keys' accessability feature under XP rather than an issue with the Emu. I myself have had problems with this 'feature' ,I've had it popup the menu option saying i've held the Shift key down for 5 seconds or more somtimes ,was damn annoying but now i've perm. disabled it and no more problems. Just a thought.
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Old 11 July 2002, 02:40   #3
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I seem to remember this problem existing for some time now. Even with sticky keys off, I see this happen under Win2k. I remember seeing this happening in WinUAE 0.8.8 too. I've just gotten used to hitting the flippers twice Not sure where the problem is exactly, but it's only minor so I live with it.
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Old 11 July 2002, 03:09   #4
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That's a WinUAE problem, yes. And I think it's very hard to fix. I *can* read program code, but the code of the keyboard emulation is such a helluva mess...
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Old 11 July 2002, 08:59   #5
Toni Wilen
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Use ALT-keys. They never seem to get "stuck"..

Unfortunately I don't have any real solutions..
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Old 11 July 2002, 23:20   #6
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is'n the shift key used for the autofire too?
beside, i've found some problem to get to work properly some game with the new configurable keybord control. i think that to switch to other than compatibility mode is a little messing.
it could be useful if the stuff would be more rationalized. for istance, being the games that may need a reconfiguration of the keyboard not so many, the customized config could be individual instead of to be saved for every game.
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Old 12 July 2002, 00:50   #7
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is'n the shift key used for the autofire too?
RIGHT SHIFT, yes. Only if you're using Keyboard Layout B, though.
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Old 12 July 2002, 07:22   #8
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Originally posted by andreas

RIGHT SHIFT, yes. Only if you're using Keyboard Layout B, though.
Sorry, I have the problem with both my SHIFT keys, and indeed... even if I turn off the sticky keys features (which really suxx)

So there is no work-arround for this (yet) ?
Old 15 July 2002, 00:37   #9
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sticky shift keys

I just use the alt keys instead like toni said. found this problem long ago but never mentioned it thought it was just my machine.
winuae is so close to being perfect its just these little things...
Old 25 January 2004, 04:00   #10
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found and fixed.

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Old 05 February 2004, 08:27   #11
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Wasn't that fixed?

I thought it was sovled long ago. I recall a "what is new" report of some previous version claiming that the "sticky key" problem was fixed. I, of course, did some minor check (about an hour or so pinball play) as soon as that version had come out. So i fully confirmed then that the problem was indeed solved since my shift keys was working perfectly. Now i see this thread and everybody is talking like a version like that never existed. What heppened? Did it brake in a later version again and i didn't notice or works on some PC's while doesn't on others?
Old 06 February 2004, 23:30   #12
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Hmm, wouldn't it work just to press shift 5x quickly [or get to control panel and open support config] and disable all those fear-ures? it is the first time I do after installing my xp hehe

nevertheless I have quite similar, but a bit different problem and I'm not sure where the problem could be... right shift with arrows and delete keys doesn't quite work for me; apparently many programs do recognize it but... i don't know what could be wrong; even gloded or vinced don't work properly with r-shift mod...

any idea?

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