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Lightbulb displaying correct MagicWB-colors

I have a nice working WB3.1-setup, but one thing annoyed me: those damn MWB-icons displaying in wrong colors! I browsed for solutions for this and there's Cammy's MWB-palette for example. But it's only a few colors and i have 16-bit screenmode on me WB so i thought it wont work.

Then i happened to unpack MUI38.lha and found the ClickForColors and read that it sets MWB-colors correctly. So: set a 8-color screenmode, save it, execute ClickForColors and save screenmode settings again (in 8-color). Now the icons displayed correctly! I copied the script in WBStartup and added "DONOTWAIT". But what's up with workbench still displaying full 16-bit 65535 colors palette even if i use a 8-color screenmode setting? I can tell there's more than 8-colors in use on my WB .

Would Cammy's palette also work like this? I'm also interested in twiddling FullPalette and its settings, is it any good?

A few questions, hope you lot can answer some of them
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On screen modes with more than 256 colors, the depth settings only restricts the number of pens, not the number of colors. You should always set the depth to maximum on these screens. The depths setting is only meaningful for palette-based screen modes, not for truecolor modes.

The problem with MagicWB (and other 8 or more color icons) is that they use the first 8 (ore more) pens while prefs/palette can only lock the first four and the last four pens of the screen.

This means on a screen with a depth of 3, prefs/palette can lock all 8 palette entries (pens) and mwb icons show correctly. But if the depth is greater than 3, prefs/palette only locks the first four colors of the icons and the other four can be changed by the system as needed.

FullPalette is able to lock all colors individually, so you can use it to set MagicWB colors (pens 4 - 7).

The same ist done by MagicWB-Daemon which comes with the original MagicWB package.

ClickForColors just sets a new prefs/palette preset. So it has the same limitations as prefs/palette itself.
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Try fullpalette from aminet it allows you to lock the other colours so that you don't getvthe nasty magenta and cyan colours that make the workbench screen look bad.
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Righty! Installed FullPalette, locked the colors and works like charm thank you .
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