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A1200 PC emulator

Hi, as I'm selling my A1200, would it be a crime to ask what the best way to play classic amiga games on my pc? does anyone have an idiots guide to getting an emulator and some quality games (superfrog, SWOS, Elite II etc). I'm pretty braindead when it comes to these things so answers using only monosylabic words would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Guessing my way round
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The mighty winuae is what you are needing. It is awesome and pretty straightforward. Some searching on here and on google should give you what you need. You are going to need to download winuae latest version, im sure the yellow amiga FAQ/Wiki in the toolbar above will lead you to the links. You also need some rom files which is the trickiest part as they are still legally sold, so you either get them from naughty means or buy them from colanto, who own the rights to distribute a version. Games can be run from adf files, which are images of floppy disks. Anyway, search for these things on here and google and you will start to get the jist of it, I have had too many glasses of wine to go into more detail for now.

oh, and ive just checked your for sale post, and with all due respect and niceness, selling a game for £10 with £5 postage isnt bad at all, they arent worth much i'm afraid, and postage isnt that much on a game anyway. I understand that hassle involved in selling all that gear individually, but there arent that many super rare games that command a decent price tag

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thanks for the hints! yeah I might keep it, I was probably overoptimistic thinking I'd get £300 or so - I noticed someone selling magazine for £2 each and got a little overexcited

keep up the good drinking, all i have is a packet of crunch creams...
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This is about as easy as it gets -> AmiKit
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