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Hi peeps

I'm new to amigas, having had an amstrad cpc464 and a zx81 back in the day, and then moving on to pc's. Over the years I've been picking up the old hardware I used to want but could never afford. Still remember the amiga demos running in a shop window in borehamwood - bouncing balls or some dancing robot iirc, must have been mid/late 80s.

Recently got a couple of amigas off ebay - a500+ and an a1200 - and I'm amazed at how vibrant the user community is after all this time [especially compared to say the ql or even 68k macs].

My a500+ seems to be in great shape but I reckon I got a parts bin job from a dealer on the a1200 [or certainly well used]. Next project will be connecting the 1200 to my pc network; got a pile of pcmcia modems and nics that look like they should work [3c589 for example].

Anyhow, looking forward to being a member!
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Welcome to the forum mate! ........and enjoy EAB
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This 3Com 3c589.device download from Aminet will help connecting your Amiga... click here

Check the readme file in the archive for card compatibility...

Welcome to EAB
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Hi beatnik and welcome to EAB!

One for the hardware crew then I see you again when you get into WHDLoad and stuff Enjoy your stay
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Hi beatnik, And welcome to EAB!

Originally Posted by beatnik View Post
Anyhow, looking forward to being a member!
The wait is over. Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome peep.
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welcome and ribbits

now get that A500+ opend up and check the battry for leakage, green stuff, then remove the battry befor it can do any damage

We like our Hardware p0rn round here so if you can take some pics

Ribbits for now
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Think i'm getting somewhere with networking the 1200. Got up and running transferring. files from pc to amiga using floppies and sellotape over the holes, though only my old 95 box seems able to use 720k disks, the xp one refuses them. lha set up ok. installer set up ok.

Now got amitcp set up and seeming to work with a 3c589 using that driver [thanks for the link! Not actually connected a network cable yet; no doubt some fun to come in getting it to connect to a pc.

Haven't opened the a500 yet.
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Originally Posted by beatnik View Post

Haven't opened the a500 yet.
Welcome to EAB!

You might want to open the A500+ though and if it hasn't already been removed, remove the battery as they leak and will do nasty damage to the motherboard.

On a lighter note I recently got my A1200 on my wireless network with an MA401 Netgear card, it was a bit strange to have such on old computer on the WiFi network but its very cool

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Got the a500+ open. The battery is starting to ooze brownish gunk one end. Do they actually need a battery or am I ok to just remove it rather than replace it?
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afaik you don't need a battery in it, it's just used to keep the time.
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Greetings beatnik - welcome!
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