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What do you want from your Amiga community portal?

Hi all,

I'd like to hear from the entire (as in, users from all aspects, not every single user personally) Amiga community, about what they expect from an Amiga community portal? I am especially interested in hearing from Australian users.

If one were to create a local community portal, how would you use it? How often would you visit? What sort of content would you expect to see (what would make you come back again and again)?

Is there space in the current community for yet another portal site? What browsers would you be using to access the site? Which technologies would you hate to see in a new portal?

Also, if you run a current portal (especially more popular ones) would you be willing to share stats as to a count of users accessing the site, the percent of that count coming from Australia, browsers in use etc? I'm willing to do this part privately, as not everyone wants these figures out in the open for privacy reasons. I also realise that a publuic thread like this may be un-balanced by a vocal but minority group, so server stats from live, popular portals would be very interesting to me.

I have cross posted this to all the portals I visit, in order to get the widest coverage of Aussie Amigans, please don't hurt me

If you can read portals in other languages (I can only read English ), and there are features on the non-english portals you think would be good in an english speaking forum, please also let me know about it.

From this discussion I will most likely be posting an online survey for Aussie Amigans to fill out, so I can get some direction on the best way to go for a possible project.

Have at it!


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You have asked for my opinion so here it is:

I dont think there is a need for another portal/forum to be honest. I can barely keep up with the ones that do exist. There are a couple of great ones already that I just avoid because I already have too many to go to. I cant see what a new portal would provide that existing ones dont already. For Gaming/Emulation/Hackery we have EAB, for Trading/Hackery we have amibay, for general complaining/starting trouble we have a.org. And for unrealistic total nutjob crazy we have a.world.
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Favourite Amiga portal : http://www.abime.net/
Statistics of my favourite Amiga portal : http://stats.abime.net/
I'm not Australian, sorry. Maybe THB can adopt me though.
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Truer words have never been spoken. EAB rocks! Those stats are damn impressive!
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Well i´m not from Australia, but i like to share my thoughts.
I´m also planning to relaunch one of my old web projects, which i froze about 9 years ago. I really don´t think that there are other big communities are needed, because there is not a real demand for it.
So if you try to build up another forum with some nice addons (i had an heavily modded vbulletin a few years ago, forget it. there are plenty of it.
Like the EAB, which is my new international home.
But there are some nice niches, which could result in a success.
So i think you should think about finding a unique selling proposition.
What do you want to reach? What are you goals? What are your short-term / long-term targets and milestones? What is your project plan? What are you launch features? Are there any features which can wait?
Then you should think about the infrastructure. What is needed? Do you need a webserver or hosting? What about licences (for a marketplace, forum and so on). Is there any help needed by others? Would it make sense to cooperate with our sites for a win-win effect?

And another thing to think about.... the amiga scene really do not need any hard competition.
We all share the same awesome hobby, so you should be fair if you launch a new project.

So, as an example, i only plan features, which aren´t in the focus by other sites. I don´t want any evil competition.

Btw, EAB rocks.

your fellow German mate,

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I really really wish someone would do some kind of retro Amiga photo forum where the subject is Amiga and some pretty ladies from down under.

Apart from getting sand into the Amiga's floppy drive I reckon some SLR action with a blonde/brunette chick on the beach would make my day.
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