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Cheesy crust

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KryoFlux project starting production

KryoFlux - the high definition flux sampler for USB will be produced pretty soon. People interested in preregistering their board can do so now.

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Amiga Lover

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Nice product.

Will buy this one when it is capable of writing .IPF back to disks.
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Cheesy crust

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We're working on this. But as you might know... we don't release something until we know it's good.

We'll announce progress here and on Facebook.

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R.I.P Smudge 18-08-16

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So am i right in assuming that this can write copy protected disks to Adf?.

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Well, you could try... but it almost certainly won't work, or it would be pretty naff protection.

You *can* read copy protected disks to a file containing the sampled "flux transitions" - magnetic polarity changes, with it. These can then be stored, sent to us for processing (to check it's a good dump, not been modified, produce IPF), and maybe even supported in emulators (when we finish DRAFT) - though some protections may still not work this way.
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So, the only format it creates is the "DRAFT" format, and we would have to send that to you to convert into an IPF?

Or are there other formats the software can create without sending it to you?
No offense, but anything that requires me to do something external before I use it gives me pause. I almost never took pictures until the digital era, just because I'd never get around to sending my film in. If Kodak said, take your pictures and send them to US so we can send you JPGs, I probably wouldn't buy that camera. I know, not the same thing, but you get the idea...

It sounds like maybe (making HUGE assumptions here) you don't want just anyone making IPFs. While I agree that, looking at the mess with ADFs and seeing what TOSEC is trying to do to validate/standardize them a bit, it makes sense in a way, there are too many negatives..

It would be much nicer to just digitally sign YOUR IPFs. That way, there are still IPFs that are verifiable.. But we still don't run the risk, as an end user, of you guys going away and leaving us with hardware that makes files no one can use...

Just some thoughts..

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Agreed - you'll see

For standard formats you can use the files as is.
However for real world preservation the stream data (or draft data, which is essentially the same) must be preserved.
Anyone (including myself with 10 years of experience) can make mistakes.

If the stream data is not preserved just the resulting files the data lost during the process is irrecoverable.

Someone might think a disk is preserved, destroy the stream files and let the ipfs out.
By the time people realize something is amiss, the disk can become unreadable.

So people taking advantage of the ipf format (which they get for free) must give something back in return to the preservation community.

Our goal is admittedly preservation, and we understand that a device like KryoFlux has the nice side effect of being good for other purposes too - we certainly don't want to be involved with any of those uses.

Preserving games on the other hand is a huge co-ordinated effort that needs vision, direction and experience - and time is running out.
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