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Are you prepared....?

After 1 disk crash and 1 corrupt file system, I finally got my thumb out of my a** and set up a backup for my Amiga stuff. It's really amazing that I didn't do this before, because if I lose my Amiga collection I will throw myself on a rusty sword.

When I think of all the countless hours I spent on searching, downloading, renaming, screengrabbing etc.... jeeeeez! And on top of that, at work I'm responsible for backing up servers and databases that would probably cost our customers billions to lose. Well, the shoemaker's children have the worst shoes!

It took about 15 minutes to back up my 6,2 GB collection.

Are you prepared?
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Yup Since my biggest Amiga HD is on my A1200 (10 gig) and I also got it in the Network, I´ll backup once a week to the PeCe-HD and store the files on a DAT Streamer
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I can honestly say that I'm not prepared. Most of the software I run I have on CDs though.

My Amiga collection is still being sorted and as soon as I have sorted enough to go on a cd of their own they will go there.

I don't really do my schoolwork on this computer so that's no problem.

And the few programming things I've done which I'd like to keep has been shared over the net so I could easily get that again.

That leaves my mp3 collection, most of which I could just rip again from the cds.

My Amiga doesn't have anything interesting installed on it which can't be recreated in a matter of an hour or so either. Workbench (basic, no extra stuff), the most used programs all fit on 1 single disk. The rest is ADF files or hd installations of programs.
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Old 03 July 2002, 12:05   #4

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Backup is the name of my Game! It's extremely important for all users to have an organised backup system!

I backup all my stuff from my primary HD onto a secondary HD every night with the click of one button and whenever I can be bothered to CDRW. My mail, IE Favourites, Smart FTP addresses, Music, EMU files, software - you name it. All backed up within a few seconds every night.

The software I use for this is called TaskZip. After the initial backup, it only updates new files or files that have been changed. Just set it up, click one button and 10 secs later you've got a complete up-to-date backup every day!

Should one of the HD's fail, I'll have no problems. Should both fail (extremely unlikely) I'll resort to my fairly recent CDRW's!

For emulation, I have 4 EMU CDRW's - one for console/arcade ROMS, the other for computer disks/tapes/carts, one for holding Amiga Archived LHA/zip files of software and the last for my WinUAE harddrives - a 635MB HDF file and wb1.3 directory.

Yep, "I'm prepared".
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Hey Bloodwych, maybe you could use your Ouija board to find out when your hard drives will die and only back up the night before! :laugh
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Fred the Fop
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I'd much rather get the lottery numbers!
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