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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
if your using RGB scart then LCDs dont work well with un-doctored scart lead, there are some threads here about it (although i am using a standard lead, it works ok, others have reported no picture at all)

i hope thats a sarcastic wink, if you haven't Turrican 2 you haven't lived

ffs it was "i love turrican ,thanks for the heads up kinda wink. i will revisit"
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I never knew the 600 was that small. all I have ever played with was the 500, and 1200.
it is so tiny, and cute.
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Originally Posted by terexuk View Post
good replys which im going to follow up , turrican 2 you say
Yep, indeed If you haven't tried WHDLoad yet you really should. With an A1200 and a HD it's the way to go
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It's the only machine I can pixel with. Nothing comes close to y love of Deluxe Paint.
Also tracking. Can;t beat my trackers of choice for music making.
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Originally Posted by terexuk View Post
first off , i love the miggy, supported it right to the end of its natural life.But now whats the attraction? picked up a 1200 last year put in extra ram and hard drive but just didnt get that buzz from it, things have moved on so much so what is it that drives you ??
I also got my 1200 because I missed out the first time around as I was too poor (eg I spent all my money on beer and loose women). It's been great playing all the old games on WHDLOAD (although some of them have aged much better than others!)

I was also interesting in seeing how much it could be expanded/improved with things like the IndivisionAGA, wireless mouse, wireless network and CF HD.

The final thing I do with it is code (hence my user name!) as I find coding on the PC a waste of my limited time.
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I run a BBS 24/7 on an A1200 with Ami-Express. The BBS celebrated it's 20th anniversary on January of this year.
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I used to have my 3xA4000, 1xA3000 and 1xA1200 all powered on and connected.... with my BBS up and running as well since 1989.
Unfortunately when I moved to the Middle East 4 years ago I had no chiance to bring them with me but finally during my next trip back how will start moving the HW here..


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