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How about a new 1200 MB?

With the amazing work being done with the gba1000 and now the a4k tower boards, I am wondering about a updated a1200 board. What would people like to have? For me, it would be a 060, built in memory and flicker fixer.
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You might be interested in this
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I have always dreamt about a redesigned A1200 motherboard, much like the GBA1000.
I would expect for to have:

1.proper svideo headers taking and amplifying the signal from the sony encoder chip.
2.Faster chipram memory access, much like the A1200 clone "The Access" had.
3.Component video output by reworking RGB signals.
4. Audio mixing headers for DVD/CD audio.
5.The standart ide interface built much like a 4 way buffered one, then converted to SATA with one of those cheap converters.
6.It would be really cool to have 4MB of fastmem built in, along with a jumper to disable it.
7.A built-in pcmcia reset fixer, with its Amiga reset header pins.
8.I would also love to have an internal ATX psu adapter.
9.The motherboard should also accept PS2 keyboards and PS2 mice.
10.The size of the entire motherboard should be according to any of the PC standarts like itx, atx, etc. So that finding a suitable case could be pretty easy for rehousing purposes.
11.The kickstart should be a flashable 1MB solution.
12. There should be an RGB to VGA adapter built in, with its corresponding header.
13.Four way clockport expansion should be built-in, so we could have four clockports with cool devices.
14.An automatic joystick/mouse switcher should be built-in.
15.A real time clock with coin type battery would be handy.
16.Built in MIDI in, out and thru connectors.
17.One Zorro II slot, cleverly placed for optional expansions (Think of a Zorro II GFX card, for example)
18.A PC floppy adapter much like the one Ian Steadman offers, so that we do not depend on Amiga specific floppie drives.
19.And at last and if possible a 040/060 cpu socket, along with an adjustable frequency oscillator and at least 4 simm sockets for upto 512MB of fastmem.

Dream mode off
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1) Drop in board to replace original
2) Removal of Composite/RF parts and replaced with built-in Indivision
3) Replace original carp IDE for SCSI
4) 68030 instead of 68020
6) Removal of PCMCIA and replaced for onboard SD slot
7) Full size Zorro III so you can slot in two cards of your choice... this would fit on a seperate housing underneath the A1200 (which would also act as a cooling stand for the entire computer. The original trapdoor would provision this.
8) Motherboard dipped in 24-karat gold
9) Also some of the options above (in particular the 'Access' revisions) ^
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