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Replace Amiga's Floppy Drive with USB Reader?

So I came across this today:


It's a device that replaces a PC's floppy drive. It reads files from a USB flash drive, but it still "looks like" a regular floppy drive as far as the PC is concerned. You can have more than one "disk" worth of information on the USB device too (you use a small controller to select one of the folders on the USB stick to be the "disk".)

Has anyone ever done anything like this on a real Amiga? With floppies possibly going the way of the dodo soon, this could be a very cool thing to have for my A600/1200.
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um I was getting all intrested and excited. Then I saw the Price $275.00

it says If you are not certain this device will work in your equipment, then just ask!
So I suggest you email them

found this Info in USBFloppySupplementGuide.pdf


So not only do you have to buy the drive you got to buy the software if you want to use more that 1.44 meg on your lovely 2Gig SD card hehehehe
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Ahh, sorry, I should have been clearer. The device I linked to will clearly not work with an Amiga. I was wondering if anyone had seen anything similar out there that might.

Regarding the device linked: If I've understood correctly, you can have more than 1.44 meg of data on your USB stick, you just need to put the files into separate folders, each of which must contain less than 1.44 meg. You can then use the chooser device to tell the thing which folder it should use. The contents of that folder, and only that folder, then become the data that the PC "sees" on the floppy. You can thus use the chooser to "change disks" (i.e. change which folder it is using.)

If someone were to make something like this for the amiga, it would need to understand the ADF file format, or something similar, so that it could use disk images for non-dos disks. So it would definitely need to be custom made for the Amiga.
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Sony maybe ending disk production but Verbatim Imation (3M), and Maxell have said that they have no plans to end production any time soon.

There is the Standalone SD->FDD adapter


I wonder if this would work?

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You can try this one that is almost the same, in 1/10 price

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You have to format your USB stick to "720k or 1.44mb even you have a large(e.g. 1gb) USB stick".
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Use the HxC floppy emulator.
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