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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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WinUAE 2.1.0 released

WinUAE 2.1.0 released

2.0.x bugs fixed:

- Super Stardust level selector sprite bug.
- Directory filesystem mount failures if ISO-8859-15 character set was not installed in Windows.
- 68020 CE mode duplicate interrupts.
- Command line parser heap corruption.

Other bugs fixed:

- Random Direct3D mode graphics crap is gone.
- Direct3D fullscreen ALT-TAB weird behavior.
- More than 8 CD drives crash.
- Rare dualplayfield buffer corruption. (Shadow Fighter AGA)
- CD32 pad emulation compatibility improved. (Roadkill CD32)
- Some game controller device types were ignored.
- Vista/7 file dialog multi file selection fix (Disk swapper).
- Swapped sound channels if stereo separation was enabled.
- Unreliable VSync in interlaced Direct3D mode.
- NTSC statefiles didn't restore correctly.
- Sometimes printer always reported busy, paper out or offline.
- Directory filesystem rename operation weird behavior if file name included non-ISO-8859-1 characters.
- Directory filesystem cyrillic character set support.
- Mouse driver (tablet) mode random mouse jitter.
- Filter presets.
- Rar unpacking crashed if unrar.dll was too old.

New features:

- CDTV/CD32 direct CD image file support, including audio tracks, plain iso, cue + bin, cue + bin + wav and cue + bin + mp3. Quickstart GUI support, cdimage0=<path> in configuration file and -cdimage=<path> in command line.
- Direct 3D rewrite, shader based (if shaders supported), overlays and RTG supported, Direct3D is now default rendering backend, configuration in Misc panel, all software filters are available in Direct3D and DirectDraw modes.
- DF3: on screen led shows internal (NV)RAM accesses (CDTV and CD32)
- Input panel Caps and Scroll Lock full remapping support.
- A1000 Agnus vblank bug emulated. (Alcatraz Megademo 2)
- Fullscreen dialogs have separate size and position settings (Vista/7), always center dialogs in fullscreen (XP)
- Multidisk image selection helper, right click on disk image select button to open quick selection menu.
- "GamePorts" "Copy From" option added to Input panel, copies Game Ports panel mouse/joystick settings to current input configuration.
- Parallel port sound sampler emulated, WIP, bad sound quality..
- Windowed mode status bar CD/HD/floppy "led" activity status improved.
- "Minimize when focus is lost" option.
- Expand environment variables in configuration and command line file paths.


- Many 68000 CPU cycle-exact mode instruction cycle counting and interrupt timing updates, A500 emulation accuracy is near-perfect now.
- More compatible CDTV/CD32 CD audio support using direct digital audio extraction. Sound panel volume control adjusts CD audio volume.
- OCS Denise horizontal position counter bug fully emulated.
- Autoscale display size detection improved.
- Support DMS files that have fake complete track zero. (BBS ads)
- Epson matrix printer emulation improved, no extra libraries or fonts required anymore, color text and graphics supported.
- OCS chipset "fake 60Hz" refresh rate support rewritten, now handles non-60Hz rates.
- Raw keyboard option is now always enabled, Input panel multiple keyboard support.

(and of course introduced new bugs!)
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Many Thanks For This Toni !
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Thanks, Toni.
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Old 29 April 2010, 00:25   #4
uber cool demi god

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You're God. Thanks!
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Needs a life

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Good grief, you never stop! Thank you for this
(Incidentally, I met a colleague from Hämeenlinna in Espoo last week - he didn't know you )
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Old 29 April 2010, 01:26   #6
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Thank Toni for continue to work on the ocs mode and a500 model! ( the demos machine with the c64)
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Carlos Ace
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Thanks Toni
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Fanatically Amiga.

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And Toni just keeps on weaving his magic
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Seems like an impressive release. Many thanx, Toni.
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Cool, thank you my good man
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CaptainM68K-SPS France
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Thank you Toni once again !!!
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Lemon Curry ?

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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Thank you Toni once again !!!
What he said.
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The 1 who ribbits
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Yay new bugs!

ribbit ribbit ribbit 2 the self adulation thead ribbit ribbit
sorry just did`t wont to write the usual well done T`ing
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Toni thanks
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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Thank you Toni once again !!!
Originally Posted by Retroplay View Post
What he said.
True, true
Cheers Toni
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Many thanks again!
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Graham Humphrey
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Well I guess I should say thanks as no-one else is going to, are they
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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Autoscale display size detection improved

..great!! :-)

I just love it, thank you man!
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Stuck in the 80s

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Sending my erotic love to Finland, where the trees are always greener where Toni resides.

Love, Paul_sxxxx
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Very good!
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