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Eek Videocard for 15Khz Arcade Monitors!!!

It sounds interesting, http://www.ultimarc.com//avgainf.html
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Originally Posted by MazinKaesar View Post
As far as i can tell it's just an ATI Radeon 2600 (RV630). I wonder if it's been modified in any way or do they all support 15khz? I'm sure there's some law against modifying copyrighted/patented hardware and then selling it on again.

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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
I wonder if it's been modified in any way or do they all support 15khz?
I don't think so. And it's not the only card which can do it. My old Geforce2MX could do it.
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I bought the earlier ATI pci card they were selling for my arcade cabinet and hooked it up to my Wells Gardner D9200 arcade monitor, the card is pretty amazing and gives a lot of resolutions, for pretty well all arcade screen modes, One thing i wasnt too happy with was the 800 x 600 max resolution in Windows. My cabinet boots xp and then i use Game Ex as the front end.
it does support 15KHz too
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Arcade VGA is good if you want a plug and play solution for (mame) arcade

I suggest you start with soft15khz and get a radeon ATI HD 48xx. They've got enough power to run most pc games on you arcade as well, and they are cheap.

http://community.arcadeinfo.de/showthread.php?t=8170 Hope your german is good :P
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You don't need ArcadeVGA unless you plan to use DOS. They're basically selling you a regular video card with a bunch of predefined modelines burned into a rom (useless for Windows, you can manually add them to the driver) and to top it off, they don't even seem to get that right:

"Special 300 X 256 Mode timed at 53Hz vertical for games such as Mortal Kombat"

The Arcade version of Mortal Kombat works at 399x253@54.81517Hz, which's what MAME reports and what I can confirm myself (only this exact refresh rate will give you perfectly smooth scrolling without triple buffer or vsync)
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