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FScreen is running with FBlit !

Have you gfx speedup on your Amiga AGA with ?
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Looks like it's an early state program, thus I guess it has its disadvantages....
I've not even heard about it in the first place.

Check out fscreen.doc in this archive:

Originally Posted by http://www.grey13.com/aos-downloads.html
FScreen v0.21

This programme (and archive) isn't really in a fit state for public consumption, hence I never uploaded it to Aminet, but here it is anyway.

FScreen is a sort of CPU driven refreshed screen driver for native displays. It was an experimental hack, created to see what would be involved in moving Amiga screens into fast RAM, how well it might work in performance, cosmetic and compatibility terms, and whether it would be worth the effort. The results are a bit marginal. The performance gains are significant (given a fast CPU), but not that great, and making it 100% compatible / cosmetically acceptable would be a considerable job.

FScreen evil hack development has ceased. A 'proper' version would require a total rewrite, and probably some major changes to FBlit. Unfortunately, this isn't at all likely to happen.

In it's current form, FScreen is still potentially useful, but really only for standard OS type applications. It doesn't take kindly to any sort of funny behaviour eg. from games, demos etc. and also doesn't like double buffering (including OS double buffering).
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Tried it here on my A1200/AGA/Apollo@80MHz. Same deal, P96Speed doesn't show anything while running.

However, scrolling an IBrowse window is definitely smoother (used amigaworld.net for test). Strangely, it's even faster when I switch from my usual 64 color WB to 256 colors. (???)

Should be interesting to play with this some more.

*edit* Nevermind about the 256 color mode being faster, I just didn't run it early enough so my default 64 color WB wasn't promoted in time. Anyway, this clearly speeds some things up considerably.

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I had it run on my A1200 APollo 1240/40 32MB AGA OS3.1 with FBlit some years ago. It was launched like this:


As far as I can remember FBlit config need to be changed.
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