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amigahistory.co.uk down?


Site Removed !

Your site has been removed because you have exceeded your bandwidth allowance.
This pops up when you go to http://www.amigahistory.co.uk/. Yet the deep links are still there. Does this happen regularly, or should we get up on our toes to preserve that vast and deep amount of Amiga info?
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Old 27 July 2010, 21:30   #2
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There was a sign of life from Gareth recently. The problems with his ISP will hopefully be resolved soon.
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Old 02 August 2010, 23:29   #3
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Hi Gilgamesh,
The bandwidth problems do happen a lot. As indicated in the thread, I'm making arrangements to transfer it to some other web space. I've been away for the last few weeks, but should have it done for the weekend.

I have to admit that I'm glad that people continue to be interested in the site, even though it hasn't been updated for some time. The Amiga world is a much happier place to be than it was 5 years ago.
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Hi Gareth,

I love to browse your site. Great stuff!
I mean, where can you read about Lorraine or find CD64's schematics these days? The twists of Jay Miner's child are a fascinating story.
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yes thanks for the update garethk, your site is very useful
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Great news, Gareth!

As Gilgamesh and Cosmicfog say, your site is very useful, and that's why there continues to be much interest in it.
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Old 04 August 2010, 13:27   #7

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Thanks Gareth, i have been using your site for years, any plans for updates?
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Old 06 August 2010, 01:12   #8
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Hey Djay,
There will be some small updates when the site is moved to the new host. I'm currently looking at "quick wins" - content that is relatively quick to research and write about, but fills a gap in the existing coverage. Examples would include pages on the new SAM and X1000 machines. The summary of Amiga events during a specific year, in contrast, took several days of dedicated work.

If the site was resurrected I would need to refocus the content and redevelop the site using a modern CMS. I initially created sections on Amiga prototypes, magazines, and the people behind it because there was very little information available on these topics in the early 2000s. Nowadays we have Amiga Magazine Rack, Wikipedia's extensive Amiga section, Ars Technica's Amiga history section, Hall of Light, Lemon Amiga and many other great resources. The challenge is to find an area that these sites do not cover and offer something that is unique. There are a few elements of AHG that remain unique and could be developed further and I have a several ideas for new areas that could be developed. It remains a matter of finding the time to work these ideas into something that can be developed further.
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Love that site. I hope you find time and the energy to get it back up.
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That site has given me a lot of entertainment over the past month or so (via the pages linked from Google, as only the homepage seems to be broken). So yeah, keep it up, at least in the literal sense
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