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Originally Posted by keitha1200 View Post
Gateway was taken over by Acer so I would speculate: they are now the owners of the Amiga patents, brands etc.
There are publicly accessible databases for patents, trademarks and domains, and they show that the trademarks and the domain are indeed owned by Amiga Inc. There's absolutely no need to speculate here: Amiga Inc. (at least one of their many incarnations) does own the trademarks.

Gateway (Acer) does indeed own the patents, but they are pretty useless by now.

Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Almost all trademarks have expired.
The important one ("Amiga") didn't, a complete (and very long) list can be found here:


It is unclear who really owns AmigaOS and Kickstart right now. ESCOM did not own them in the first place.
Another inaccurate claim. It's not clear if ESCOM owned them, they very well may have. Not that it matters anymore...
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I've been out of the scene for over 10 years, so I was just wondering what had been happening.

When I left Bill and co were just getting up and running with Amiga Inc, and when I returned (couple of weeks ago) Bill and Co are still running Amiga Inc. As far as I can tell? they haven't done anything, except repeating the same old stories, as reported in the last few issues of the AF.

I spent a few hours reading up on the 3 different Amiga Inc, and court-case/copyright issues man I'm so sorry I went down that rabbit hole!! I sort of always assumed that: bill and ted were a little on the 'walter mitty' side, with their long imaginative story telling but yet, I ask myself something rather interesting: how can someone run a company with zero products, and zero sales (except tacky mice and mouse mats) for over ten years? I reckon they should write a book about it! now that would be a best seller

Bill and Ted's bogus adventure?

On a positive note:the Natami looks pretty good tangible and real?

PS: I was pmsl at one of the Gateway/Acer patents! The 2 button mouse

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The freeamiga site suggests AInc played some role in the investors' business schemes that had nothing to do with computers or Amiga in particular.

Natami looks quite cool, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it. I suppose Aros and emulation are the way to go, but that's only me.
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I do hope they pull-off the Natami As I would like to buy one

Seriously!! wot sort of Muppet, would lose the trademark of 'Workbench'!! It's like Microsoft losing 'Windows' or IBM losing the right to call their computers 'PC'.

BTW: According to a few things I've read on the net (from reliable sources) Gateway is a sub-division of Acer, and technically: Gateway is still regarded as a private company, and all legal agreements/contracts are still current.

In my humble opinion: Bill and Ted's copyrights/trademarks are based on a legal agreement with Gateway. At some point in the future: Acer might decided to enter into the 'very' profitable console market with a large Chinese partner
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