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Possible Virus on WB

Bloodwych has pointed out that there's a virus on my WB MMED this probably came from Aminet as it's an Amiga virus.

It should be a harmless virus but if you go here and update the DAT in virusexecutor and run this from withing winuae and my WB it should clear it.

Run VirusExecutor on WB under the "Disk" menu"

Sorry about this as it is a BIG error on my part for not fully checking before archiving it up.

Virus Dat Files
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How about your WB? Have you cleared out the version you could get?
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I have removed the Download page and removed the downloads that are infected.

I have checked the versions and they need repacking now and uploading to the net again. They should be ready for tomorrow.
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The virus was called "Happynewyear 96" and was a harmless link virus that adds text to the end of certain files. It will display the message "Happynewyear" at certain dates when infected files are executed. It's easily removed without causing harm, or so I've read.

This virus issue only effects Tonycrew's WB downloads. It must have added itself when he built up of one of my WB's, probably coming from one of the addons he installed.

My Classic 3.0 LITE/FULL or any other versions I've upped are 100% clean and have no viruses on them. I've fully scanned the zips before uploading each of my files.
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My WB 2 set up is also 100% clean, as I scanned the files with Virus Executor
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