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Old 18 December 2009, 19:18   #1
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New Amiga demo database frontend

Some of you may already be aware of the excellent site http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/. It contains a large comprehensive database of Amiga demos, but with a somewhat limited search facility. To remedy this we have created an alternative search interface to the collection here at ExoticA - Amiga Scene Demo Database (Beta). Like the Modland and HVSC Search it includes a variety of ways to browse and search through the information. We only display a small subset of the data at Bitworld, but provide a link to their site for further information. Please give it a try and give us any feedback on the ExoticA Forum. It is marked as beta for now, as there might be bugs, and new features are likely forthcoming. Many thanks to zeg, Asle, Curt Cool and Menace (and the rest of the Bitworld team) for their help and co-operation.
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Old 19 December 2009, 02:25   #2
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This is excellent. Great work, thanks. Now I can watch the whole history of amiga scene.
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Old 19 December 2009, 02:27   #3
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Great news BuZz Thanks for offering the search
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Old 10 February 2010, 23:16   #4
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Nice work.

I get a few errors when clicking on music files. Usually when the re-director chooses your local mirror http://aero.exotica.org.uk

550 Can't change directory to /pub/modules/Protracker/marillion/x-airwolf-x.mod: No such file or directory

Perhaps that file is missing from modland?

Redirections to ftp.amigascne.org don't work either but I think they are down.

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Old 11 February 2010, 00:20   #5
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Nice work !
Do you share the same information/screenshot as in http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demos.php ?
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Old 11 February 2010, 02:56   #6
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It is bad links in the database unfortunately. In the case above it should be Marillion and not marillion - I think it just must be a coincidence about my mirror, as that link shouldn't work from any of the mirrors.. the data is a small subset of that from bitworld, but refactored/reorganised into a more relational state.
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Old 11 February 2010, 10:19   #7
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http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Special:DemoDB thank you for this link, night lost for 1987 demos and intros, I need time machine badly
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Old 11 February 2010, 21:29   #8
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I'm glad it is useful. The bitworld/kestra project is a serious amount of work and very useful, but the frontend is tailored more to the people that work on it, and not so much for users to just find or browse a demo. Unfortunately the data did not allow for a real improvement due to the structure, so I build a new database structure each day from theirs, with a certain amount of guesswork for the relations between the data. this allowed me to build a more functional search interface, but of course each result links back to their data to get the full monty of info. I also wanted to have it so every result in the list had a screenshot, so you could browse "visually".

end of my waffle.
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Old 11 February 2010, 23:44   #9
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Great page !!! Thanks alot!!
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