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View Poll Results: Which Shadow of the Beast did you like best?
Beast 1 23 32.39%
Beast 2 17 23.94%
Beast 3 31 43.66%
Voters: 71. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06 June 2002, 16:18   #1
Into the Wonderful
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Question Which Beast was best?

I'm just wondering which Shadow of the Beast did you think was best in the series.

I'm not sure...for me, it's a tough call between Beast 1 and Beast 3.
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Old 06 June 2002, 16:29   #2
calm down do how.
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I think Beast 1
It was first and still good.

Nice thread & poll
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Old 06 June 2002, 16:44   #3
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Personally I prefered Shadow of the Beast 2

I think the whole game was very well thought out, and a superb intro.

On a personal Opinion type of thing I feel that the Shodow of the Beast Trilogy is Brilliant
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Old 06 June 2002, 18:19   #4
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I never really got the concept of the beast series. Never was able to feel I was making any headway. Sure it looked nice, but to take Beast 2 for an example. I had no idea what the purpose was.
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Old 06 June 2002, 18:42   #5
Into the Wonderful

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I voted for Beast 2
I love all of them but, for me Beast 2 was the epitome of the series.
Great atmosphere, great graphics, haunting music, excellent story and fiendish puzzles.
Ive never actually completed any of the Beast games without using a cheat. so if they do have a fault, (IMO) its that the difficulty was too high. (or maybe Im just crap)
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Old 06 June 2002, 19:17   #6
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Beast 1, just letting the intro screen run had the folks next door's eyes bug out, "wow! What's THAT?" & this was back in '89, a friend says there are about 14 layers going on but I can't count that high...
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Old 06 June 2002, 19:44   #7
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Thumbs up

I liked the Beast 2 intro the best (i think) the one where that thing flies out of the sky and there's a screaming baby.

But i like Beast 3 the best for the game. I loved the graphics almost leander style.
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Old 06 June 2002, 20:38   #8
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Beast 1 because it was the beggining
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Old 07 June 2002, 06:16   #9
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I voted SotB3 , because SotB 1 was impressive, but unplayable (though the Atari Lynx version ROCKS and it's the BEST one on any system. My fav Beast game ). And I dont like SotB2 really, dunno why (though it has a mega intro)

SotB3 was the best fun overall on the Amiga
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Old 07 June 2002, 06:16   #10

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The 1st one I played was Beast 2 , it was in the 1st batch of games I got for my Amiga, and as it was considered HOT , I got it. I found it to be incredibly CRAP. I hated the game a lot, I gave it a go some times, trying to understand why so many people liked it, but I just couldn't get it.

Then I got Beast 1, and I found it to be ... average. Played it for a while, there are many sections that are very boring, but it wasn't bad as Beast 2 IMO.

Then Beast 3 was released, and I got it , but wasn't expecting too much. How wrong I was! I found Beast 3 to be a GREAT game, good action, smart puzzles, good graphics and acceptable difficulty level . So, my vote goes for Beast 3, and it was 5-5-5 when I voted, so I put Beast 3 ahead of the others now
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Old 07 June 2002, 16:01   #11
Into the Wonderful
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Hmmm...I know I said I couldn't decide between Beast 1 + 3, but I also liked Beast 2 too. I only discounted Beast 2 because the difficulty seemed way too high. But yes, the art, the intro and the music was fantastic.

Beast 1 was hard too, but more...arcade style hard, if you know what I mean. It didn't trap you into an impossible area like Beast 2 sometimes did.

I like Beast 3 too, but the puzzles always stumped me. Then again, I've never been one for puzzles in games- I like action better.

So now you see my dilemma, and why I started this thread. I like (and dislike) aspects of all three games.

Still, a great trilogy IMHO. I am also very jealous of the artist's drawing style- it's very moody and evocative, yet also abit twisted and surreal. I love it. I wish I could draw like that.
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Old 14 June 2002, 16:39   #12
Tim Janssen
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Thumbs up Beast 3

Beast 3 was the first game of the series I have played. As is usual with first-time games I think this one is the best. Some of the puzzles in this game are great.
When playing the prequels a few months later they looked a bit shallow in comparison with Beast 3.
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Old 14 June 2002, 22:48   #13
Commodore Collector
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Beast 1 was one of the games I got very early when I had just got my A-500.
I liked it a lot and I considered it the best Amiga game at this time. Only problem was that annoying things where it was just luck how much energy you lost.
Then I got Beast II and was impressed by the grafix, but soon found out that the game was unplayable because of it's difficulty level. So for a guy like me who never cheats it was a worthless game.
Beast III on the other hand was very playable ! Also a big advantage was the password system so that you didn't have to start again all over from from the beginning
I finally completed Beast III and I remember I found it a great game and was a little bit sad that I had finished it in a rather short time.

So, I would say Beast III is best in it's playability and maybe grafix also, but Beast I was impressive when it came out in '89 !
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Old 28 August 2002, 19:51   #14
.:Part-Time Winner:.
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I have just bagged a version of Beast 2 for the Sega mega cd....The box says It has "Improved playability" have not tested it yet but it has cd music (abit too rock tastic) and full speech!!!! The bloke who did the voices sounds like must have been a lunatic!!!
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Old 29 August 2002, 00:40   #15
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Beast 2.

It's about the game, the time, the moment & everything. The Amiga was on top of the world, and we all knew it.

But Doom was round the corner.....
Old 30 August 2002, 17:26   #16
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Beast 3 - just because it is the only one of the three that is actually playable without cheating.

If Beast 1 & 2 were arcade games, then fine. But games for home computers should not be put at such a level that you will never complete them without cheating. Very very hard, yes, but (nearly) impossible?

I did hear of a couple of people who completed the first two without cheating (on csag) - but I am not sure I believe them...
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Old 30 August 2002, 19:19   #17
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I voted for Beast 1. Not only because of the wonderful graphics. The gameplay is also fantastic and after I got the plot I enjoyed it even more .
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Old 01 September 2002, 00:25   #18
The Sacred Armour Of
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Oh man... nightmare choice between Beast 1 and 2... i know Beast 3 is the only genuinely completable one but the heroes hat just makes him look like a bit of a twonk...

Erm.... tough tough tough. Beast 1 put the Amiga on the map and killed the ST, whereas Beast 2 is the shining example of the Amiga at its prime...

Beast 2 then. For all the reasons Jim said
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Old 01 September 2002, 01:08   #19
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Even if you've never played this game just vote for Beast 2 !

You know you want too
Old 01 September 2002, 02:24   #20

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i voted for Beast 2... as its the first beast game i played, was also one of the first Amiga games i played (on MY Amiga 500)... having upgraded from a C64... the graphics and sound blew me away...

not to mention the intro sequence!!!
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