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Old 15 November 2009, 17:13   #21
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Yeah I think it may just be broken. Just to be sure:

Is this looking at the connector from the rear of the CPC or is it looking at it internally from behind?

I guess it doesnt matter since I have tested both combinations of pins anyway.
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Old 15 February 2010, 16:28   #22
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here is my experience.
i connected pin 6 to 20 and then pin 4 to 16. it gave me fantastic rgb picture with one small problem; the panasonic tv would occasionally 'detect' again that its rgb (and not composite) and it would display 'RGB' in corner for a sec.
thats because we're not giving enough voltage on pin16. it was a bit annoying, so I connected +5V to 220ohms and then scart pin 16 (I left CPC pin 4 unconnected) and it works great.

btw, I didn't connect the blanking ground (pin18). tried it with first solution (CPC4->scart16) but then would only get black&white picture (composite?)

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Old 19 February 2010, 03:03   #23
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I still have my Amstrad CPC464 with an Amstrad CTM 644 colour monitor Recently the pause button broke (does not stay pressed in) but i've not come across anything that needs it.
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Old 26 February 2010, 15:49   #24
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yeah i got the same problem with pause. small white piece of plastic fell out.
here is helpful link: http://cpcwiki.eu/index.php/Service_Manuals
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Old 15 April 2010, 13:49   #25
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you need a little white plastic thing for pause button.
i can send you a photo. have the same problem. it needs some sort of cap to keep it in place but it has gone missing so the white thing comes off.
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Old 15 April 2010, 17:51   #26
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How do you know your television set is wired for RGB SCART video? A lot of them aren't, even though they have a SCART connector, they don't accept RGB inputs.

If you have an Amiga RGB monitor, you should connect it to that instead.
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