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Nowadays I'm a PC guy, never liked the Macs too much. Now they are PCs with (much) better design, and in the past... well... IMO the Amiga trounced everything else

- Spectrum 48k
- Sega Megadrive
- PC AMD 386 40Mhz (I wanted an Amiga so badly, but I couldn't trick my parents )
- PC Pentium 100 MHz + GUS
- PC Pentium II 350 MHz
- PS One
- PC Athlon 1200 MHz
- PC Pentium 4 3GHz
- PS 2
- Gamecube
- Sony PSP
- Some laptop from work
- PC QuadCore 2,4GHz
- Amiga 1200 + Blizzard 1260 (better late than never)
- PS 3
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Stuck in the 80s

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Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
My list is the product of doing lots of work for a video game collectors website and getting "the bug" as they call it. At one point I had 21 unique game systems hooked up to one TV with lots of power strips and A/V switchboxes.

In America, we call that a "fire hazard".
Here we call it pron!
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Posts: n/a

386 16
386 33
486 33
486 120
Cyrex 120
AMD K2 133
AMD Athlon 300
AMD Athlon 800
Intel 800
Intel P4 3.0
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
AMD Athlon X2 5800
iMac G3


TI 486 Laptop
IBM 2.0 GHZ Laptop
MSI X2 2.0 GHZ Laptop
MSI Gaming Laptop (The one I'm using now)


Fairchild Channel F
Atari 2600
Nintendo 64
Xbox 360 x2

Have run everything from Dos 3.1 to Win 7 - Slackware 3.0 to Ubuntu 9.10 Mac Os 9 and OSX 10.4 on the mac.
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In order I think

Atari 2600
Atari 800xl
Atari 520 STFM
Amiga A500
Amiga CD32
Atari Lynx
Celeron 300 mhz PC
Athlon 700 mhz PC
A1200 Tower PPC thingy
A500 *
A1200 *
Playstation 2
Athlon 1800+ system
Athlon x64 3500+ system
Xbox 360 core
Xbox 360 Premium
PS3 60gb
Athlon x2 6800+ system
PS3 slim

* Swapped with BippyM for the PPC tower bought on a whim from ebay, don't know where they are now I think someone threw them out when I had my car crash when they were tidying my house so I could get around.
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My list (asterisks on the ones I still have):

1983 - Timex Computer 2068 (with Spectrum emulator cartridge)
1987 - Sinclair Spectrum +2 B
1988 - Sinclair Spectrum +3
1989 - Amiga 500 (with 512KB expansion)
1993 - Amiga 1200
* 1994 - Amiga CD32
* 1996 - Amiga 4000 (desktop version, Micronik towerized, Warp Engine, Retina BLT Z3, SCSI-II harddrive and x2 caddy CD-ROM) (leaked battery killed it)
* 1999 - Self-built PC (AMD K6-2 550Mhz, Matrox G400 MAX, translucid blue case, worst new aquisition EVER)
* 2000 - Apple iBook G3 12' laptop (great little machine, had a 12Kg block fall on it's LCD/keyboard while open, the LCD is shattered but the machine still works perfectly with an external display)
* 2001 - Apple PowerMac G4 Dual 867MHz, GeForce Titanium 4800 (my first really powerful computer!)
* 2004 - Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium (667MHz, DVI)
* 2008 - Apple MacPro Quad Xeon 2GHz (powerful, silent, stylish, expandable, very near perfection)
* 2009 - Amiga 1200 (boxed from eBay in great condition)
* 2009 - Spectrum +2 A (boxed from eBay in great condition)
* 2009 - Spectrum +2 B (boxed from eBay in great condition)

Yes, yes, I'm a Mac guy. The first PC I bought for my personal uses was quite a traumatic experience... I'm a software developer, and Windows (2000 at the time) was a horrible knightmare, the Matrox was great but drivers for Win2K were lousy, the soundcard uninstalled itself, etc. My Amiga 4000, wich the PC supposedly substituted, always felt superior in usability. Only in raw processing power the PC showed an enormous advantage, and so I've never really stopped using my Amiga 4000 until I got my first Mac.

MacOS X felt much more advanced than Windows, it's Unix underpinnings were great for Amiga geeks, I finally had tools to substitute ImageFX and Cinema4D (that I could actually use), and I fell in love with MacOS X (to this day). I would never lock myself inside Windows-only software development (and good thing I didn't ), and Xcode has been a great IDE to work with, in Java, C++ and ObjectiveC. On the Mac I have all the cross-platform, open-source development tools I need. I've done a few things on Visual Studio (VB and C++), a couple of proxies and a distributed 3D environment, and believe me, you feel pretty much locked in . I'm a happy camper on the Mac and Java!

Today, I'm searching for my old computers (that I always sold to fund the next one). I've just got a "new" A1200 (oh, the feeling of getting an Amiga!!) and a couple of Spectrums. If someone knows where I can get a Timex Computer 2068 (yes, the Portuguese version), I'm very interested!

These old systems will be used to build a small technology teaching center. The idea is to have kids of all ages programming on all sorts of hardware, like Spectrums, Amigas, Macs, Windows, Linux, Solaris, mobile phones, iPhones, microcontrollers, etc.

Now that Hyperion has all the rights to AmigaOS, I'm dreaming of using an Amiga machine in my embedded projects! If someone has good web links on Amiga Development, please don't be shy!

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I am an Amiga man.
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I know one thing; people have far too much money on this forum. If you totalled up all the machines bought just off people on this forum.... well I wouldn't like to guess how much was spent! A lot.
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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
In chronological order:
Commodore Plus/4
I am so glad someone else had a Plus/4. Seems to be fairly uncommon. It was also my first computer.
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The amiga was probably the longest "serving" out of my history looking back. In terms of ownership from "new" with exceptions for my retro collection the family tree is as follows, oldest to newest:

ZX Spectrum 48k (technically my mums!)
Amiga 500+
Sega Game Gear
Sega MegaDrive/Sega MegaCD
Olivetti Pentium 75Mhz
IBM Desktop 233Mhz
Nintendo 64
AMD Athlon custom desktop 1GHz
Sega Dreamcast
AMD Athlon XP 2000
Xbox Original
HP Pavilion Athlon64
Xbox 360

Then I have a loft full of collected stuff Sega Master Systems, Commodore 128, C64, Commodore Plus/4, Neo Geo Pockets, Gameboy and GBAs, Neo Geo AES, SNESs and NESs other spectrums and playstation 1s and a 2.
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I hate potatos and shirts
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[poll whore mode on]
OK, where is the poll?[/poll whore mode off]

Let's see... Forgive me if my memory is not as good as my ├╝ber-freaked A1200 (asterisk is systems I have today, not the same units I had back in the day):

-Atari 2600 (the only one I consider for that brand!)*
-ZX81 clone (NEZ8000, just 1kb RAM)
-Sega Master System*
-boring XT & 286
-386sx (work! not used to play games)
-486 (diddle, but gaming a bit)
-5x86 (gaming...)
-lots of Pentium machines, from MMX to P4

Now I'm on a time of the life that I grab what really makes me happy: Amiga computers! So now it's time to:

A500 (x4), two for spares...
A600 (never had one myself before, lovely WHDLoad machine!)
A1200 (x2), one vanilla, one loaded (day to day user computer)
A2000 (x2) one is my pride and joy! Other is spare parts.
A4000D (awaiting restoring, motherboard destroyed before reach my hands)
AROS "live" under XP/Amithlon dual boot P4 computer (count as Amiga?)

Some time in the future I'll grab A1k, A3k & 4kT to settle my hunger for Amiga computers. Nah!
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i have

amiga 1200, 2050 ,3000
sega dreamcast saturn
sega master system 1
game gear
nintendeo gameboy 1st gen
commodore 64 and a 16
atari 2600 from the 70's
atari lynx 1st gen
did have a tg16 and express
did have a atari st 1040 upgrade the ram to 8MB and 1GB harddrive tos 1.0 and 1.4 on the same chip set on the mother borad
st 520 boring zzzzz
tapwave zodiac by palm still us it
palm z22 dont use it any more
did have a jaguar atari and a 7800
have a mac intel core2duo
have a dell p4
i think that is it .................................................
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Intel 486/66 DX2
Intel 200MHz Pentium MMX
Amiga 500
HP 9000/712/80 UNIX-workstation
Digital Alpha PWS 600 UNIX-workstation
~5x Amiga 1200
Random x86 PC
MacBook Pro
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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Something else:
Just remembered I've also had a few unix workstations..
- HP 715/100
- IBM RS/6000 7043-140
- SGI o2
- SGI Octane
- Sun Ultra 10

Thankfully I've gotten rid of all of them since. :-)
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Amiga hobbyist
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More or less in chronological order by acquisition. The arrows mark the upgrade paths within each casing.

Systems in actual use:
1. Vic-20
2. Commodore 64
3. Amstrad PC1512
4. 286@12 -> 386@33
5. 486@100 -> K5@133 -> Pentium MMX@200 -> K6-2@400
6. Duron@600 -> Duron@1200
7. AthlonXP@2600 -> Athlon64@2800 -> Athlon64@3000
8. Core2Duo@3000

Hobby systems:
1. Commodore 64
2. Commodore 128
3. Spectravideo 328 MkII (gone)
4. Amiga 500 (gone)
5. Amiga 1200
6. Amiga 600
7. Amiga 500 (gone)
8. Amiga 2000
9. Vic-20
10. Spectravideo 328 MkII
11. Amiga 4000D
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1991 -ZX spectrum 48
1992 - C64 with tape recorder
1994 - Amiga 1200 (1994- Hdd +4 MB Fast, 1996- 030/40 8 MB Fast, 1998 040/40, 1999 PPC + Tower, 2001 SOLD)
2000 - PC Celeron 500, Sony PSX
2003 - PC Athlon 2000, Commodore 128 D
2004 - Amiga 1200 Infinitiv 040/40 +Picasso II, CD32+ promodule (sold 2005)
2005 - Ibook G3 clamshell, bought mmc64 for C128
2008 - EeePC , Timex 2048, C64 + 1541 Ultimate
2009 - for A 1200: 060/64 +64 MB Fast, Mediator +SB128, Voodoo 3, replaced hdd with 2x ide-CF
EMachines e525 laptop (Celeron mobile 1,66 dualcore, 2 GB ram , 150 GB HDD, Intel Mobile express 4 256 MB)

November 09 - bought a bunch of dirty and smelly amigas from a guy who owned an Amiga repair service : 5x a1200 ( 3 desktop, 1 Tower, 1 in modified pc desktop case), 10x a500/500+, 1x A600, 1X CDTv. Nowe selling them on internet auctions here: http://allegro.pl/item811501835_amig...dd_cd_bcm.html , http://allegro.pl/item806681154_amig...stroy_bcm.html, http://allegro.pl/item806348431_amig...datki_bcm.html, http://allegro.pl/item805803395_amig...d_gratisy.html )

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Emu Amiga
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I'm a PC

I've been thru alot of systems, so without further ado...

-Atari 2600
-Atari 5200
-Atari 7800
-Atari Jaguar
-Atari lynx


-Mattel Intellivison

-Nintendo Gameboy advance *
-Nintendo DS *
-Nintendo Gameboy color
-Nintendo Gameboy
-Super Nintendo *
-Nintendo 64 *
-Wii *

-Sega master system
-Sega CD
-Sega Dreamcast *



-Sony Playstation
-Sony playstation 2
-Sony PSP

Several PC's
-IBM 286
-IBM 386
-IBM 486
-Pentium 90
-Pentium II 450 *
-Pentium III 550 *
-Pentium IV 1.2 Ghz
-AMD 4400+ dual-core
-Intel quad-core 2.66 *
-Intel I-7 2.66 OC to 3.25 Ghz * 12GB Ram, 500 GB HDD, Geforce 295 GTX

I also used to own an original Pong machine (circa 1976 I believe) I also have an extensive collection of Mame Games.

* Still Own

So yeah, I guess you could say I'm a PC. I guess you can blame it on Commodore's shitty marketing.

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Targ Explorer

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Originally Posted by DoogUK View Post
Am i the only on here who used a Commodore +4 back in the days?
Nope twas my first puter. still have it too. Also have a nice boxed n working one. Happy wee computer...
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Emu Amiga
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Originally Posted by dekarAF View Post
In no particular order:

- Commodore 64
- Commodore 64/128
- Commodore SX 64 ("portable" C64)
- Acorn BBC Micro
- Atari 2600
- Amiga 500
- Amiga 500+
- Amiga 600
- Amiga 1200
- Amiga CD32
- Game Boy
- Sega Game Gear
- Sega Mega Drive
- Sega Master System
- NES 8-bit
- SNES 16-bit
- GP2X
- Nintendo DS
- Nintendo DS Lite
- Xbox
- Xbox 360
- Playstation 2
- Playstation 3

PC's I've built are not listed (I don't remember them all ). I also built an arcade cabinet a few months ago which you can see here.

I've never had Sega Dreamcast.. Dunno why, as it's a great console.

Of course, Amiga is still my preferred system of all-time and I occasionally buy second-hand Amigas.
Nice collection there, In the futile attempt of trying not be vulgar, I almost Jizzed when I saw you're Mame Based machine. Impressive.
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Beta 1.666
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hmmmmm let me see..

A500 - orig 1.2 dos
A500 - 1.3
C64 - early black/brown w/1541
C64 - later white case w/1541 II

486 dx2-66, dx4-100
NEC 8086 - excellent programming comp.

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OK, in the thought of the original post (and because I'm lazy), I'll list the systems I got to use as computers (not gaming consoles and not retro).

IBM XT (Eventually with a 386 inboard, still had the SX)
Amiga 500 (eventually got a dataflyer HD for it)
Amiga 1200 (with HD, no extra RAM or CPU accels)
(sadly) 486 (for Foxbase mostly)
IDT Winchip 180 (almost like a 200Mhz chip running at 150Mhz :-)
AMD 1.8Ghz (with 512M, eventually upgraded to NVidia and 1G)
Installed Linux on the 1.8Ghz machine, still my main machine. After all these years.

Now, I have lots of other computers/systems, but that's my progression...
(Not that it was all progress...)


The move to intel (specifically the Winchip) machine wasn't all bad. It got me work, and it's still running... Yep, it plays about 80 Arcade games in my Arcade cabinet.
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AB Positive
kachou ON!
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Looking back on my list I forgot some things!

I re-got another A8 setup, this time an 800XL with a 1050 drive, so i can add that...

Also forgot a system I love but gets a lot of flack: the Virtual Boy~!

Teleroboxer was pretty badass you must admit
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