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Cool Systems you've owned up to now... Are you Mac, PC, or Linux?

Curious about this.... I've been lucky enough to use/own quite a few computers over the years. The Amiga spanned quite a large chunk of my childhood until its demise, but there have been a few extras back in the day.

Here's my "computer-line":
  1. ZX Spectrum
  2. Commodore C64
  3. Amiga A500
  4. Nintendo Gameboy Classic (still on my desk and used from time to time)
  5. Amiga A1500
  6. PC Intel Pentium Processor
  7. PC Intel Celeron 300
  8. PC Intel 1.4ghz (I think!)
  9. PC Quad Core (now own 4 of these in varying speeds).

So looks like I've opted for PC. Can imagine there's gonna be long lists

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1. Atari 65 XE
2. Atari 130 XE (sold)
4. borrowed for very short time Amstrad CPC 6128 (awesome graphics compared to Atari)
5. Amiga 500 (sold...)
6. Few boring PC machines (I have now 10 PCs, one is not working)
7. Amiga 500 (louder FDD than in my first)
8. Amiga CD32

Mac PowerBook 1400CS (from 1996), few old consoles, but I never had any as kid
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Atari 2600
Atari 800XL
Amiga500 (The one and only)

The following i own till today
AMD k6 500mhz (AmigaONE DevStation)
AMD 1800+ 1200mhz (crap machine 2xpci and no agp)
AMD 64 3800+ 2x2000mhz (my everyday machine)
Pentium1 (specs unknown/never fire this up)
Pentium3 Laptop 1100mhz (Targa Visionary)


OS's = Wb1.3/Amithlon/Win=98;me;XP32+64bit/Linux=RedHat;Mandriva32+64bit
and finally an A1200 is on the way...

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The 1 who ribbits
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crumbs, now lets see first there was

zx81 + 16k of wobble
C64 + 1541
half of an A500
Pentium II 233mhz - win98se
Pentium III 500mhz - win98se
AMD athlon 1.8Ghz - winxp
Core2Duo 1.8Ghz - winxp

And me little atom Netbook - win7
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half of an A500?
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Location: UK
Posts: 144
*deep breath*

Some computer with a 1.5GHz AMD
2.66GHz Core 2 Duo running Linux (my current one)
Atari 2600
Atari 2600 JR
NDS Lite
Game Gear
Lynx II
Barcode Battler
FC Twin
Speccy +2
CPC464 (colour monitor)
BBC Master 128

I don't think I've missed anything...

EDIT: For a list of increased awesomeness, see http://wiibrew.org/wiki/User:Muzer#Retro_Consoles

EDIT2: Sorry, I kind of missed the point in this thread...

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Location: Chicago, USA
Posts: 369
Heres what Ive used full time over the years.

BBC Model B
Acorn Archimedes A3000
Amiga A1200
Dell Dimension XPSD233
Various home build PC's
2008 Mac Pro
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: Mirfield, West Yorkshire, UK
Age: 37
Posts: 511

ZX Spectrum 48k (early '80s)
ZX Spectrum +3 (1988?)
Nintendo Gameboy (1991)
Sega Master System 2 (1992)
Amiga 500+ (1993)
Amiga 1200 (1994)
Cyrix PC (300 MHz) - Windows 98 (1998)
AMD PC (500 MHz) with TNT Riva 2 (?) card - Windows 98 SE, then XP (2000)


Sempron 1.6 GHz PC - Windows XP (2006)
Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop (1.8GHz Sempron) - Windows Vista (2007)
Nintendo Wii (2008)
Nintendo DS Lite (2009)

And soon a dual core AMD 2.5GHz desktop to replace my old desktop.
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Gets there in the end...

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Mac, PC or Linux? Linux runs on both!

Anyhoo, my systems.... er....I think this is all of them!

Unknown TV pong type game with paddles which took a square battery
ZX Spectrum 16K
ZX Spectrum 48K
ZX Spectrum+ 48K
ZX Spectrum 128K
ZX Spectrum +2
MGT Sam Coupe
Amstrad CPC 6128
BBC Model B
Atari 600XL
Atari 800XL
Atari 130XE
Atari 520STFM
Commodore Vic20
Commodore C64 (old type)
Commodore C64 (new type)
Amiga A500
Amiga A600
Amiga A500+
Amiga A1200
Amiga CD32
Sega Master System
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Game Gear
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo DS
PC 486 dx2/66
PC Pentium 133
PC AMD K6/2 400
PC AMD 1200
PC AMD 2400+
PC AMD AthlonXP 3000+
Sony Playstation
Sony Playstation2

I still have most of them!
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: oldham/england
Posts: 71
acorn electron, spectrum +2, spectrum +3, amiga 500, amiga 1200, the laptop im using now.
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Hungry Horace
Wipe-Out Enthusiast

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i'm all 3. They are all capable of failing in various different departments. I prefer OSX for "day to day" usage however.

ZX-Spectrum 48k (not really mine though)
ZX-Spectrum +2 128k
Amiga 500
CD32 + SX-1
Nindendo Gameboy (Original)
Amiga 1200 - was upgraded to 030 then downgraded back
Amiga 1200T 030 (a different machine)
PC with Windoze (dont ask me what spec)
PC with Windoze XP - 1ghz Intel
Macbook 2.2ghz Dualcore
Nintedo DS Lite
PS3 (with Linux installed)

At some point after the second PC i put the Amiga's 030 back in the normal case a1200

I havent listed where i've had the same machine with lower (or same) spec twice, or where i've picked up "spares" from unwanting owners.
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Posts: 3,763
Sold many of these; probably missed something out. Ones I still own are in BOLD

Main computer progression
  • Vic-20 (GORF and Jelly Monsters - true classics!)
  • Spectrum 128k (briefly)
  • Spectrum +2
  • Atari ST Actually, really enjoyed my ST as friends had 8-bits. Loved Time Bandits!
  • Amiga 500 Batman pack
  • Amiga 500+ (worst decision ever, prefered the A500)
  • Amiga 1200HD
  • AMD 586 P75 overclocked to 166Mhz
  • AMD K6-III 400Mhz
  • AMD Duron 800 overclocked to 1Ghz
  • AMD Athlon XP 1500+
  • AMD Athlon XP Mobile overclocked to 2.4Ghz
  • AMD Athlon 64 3200+ overclocked to 2.5Ghz
  • INTEL Core2 Quad, nVidia 9800GTX+

Console Progression
  • Megadrive
  • Atari Lynx
  • SNES
  • Playstation
  • X-Box Modded
  • PSP (sold, not impressed with the crappy D-Pad)
  • PS3 FAT (none of this THIN shite)

Other computers (hobby machines):
  • Retro-PC console - Aopen nforce2 SFF with mobile Athlon XP, joypads, arcade sticks etc.
  • Retro-PC gaming console - Biostar ideq nforce3 250GB SFF with Athlon64, x800 pro - used for playing older 3D games in XP 32bit and network games with friends. Also runs Linux from time to time.
  • Media "whisper quiet energy star server" PC type thingy - Low power 45nm core2 duo (E7200) with antec earthwatts PSU 380W and silent fan modded x800 XT PE used for media and surfing the web. Pulls less than half the power of my main computer! Also, I play one-on-one network games on this against my friends from time to time (Quake III, UT99, UT2003, all sorts really!) when used with the Biostar SFF listed above.

No laptops. I hate laptops. May get a cheap netbook to surf and message whilst watching TV or something.

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Professional slacker!
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Age: 38
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* = still own!

Atari 2600
Spectrum 48K
Spectrum 128k
Spectrum +2
Spectrum +2a
Spectrum +3 *
Sega Master System
Sega Game Gear
Master System 2
Nintendo NES
Mega CD
Megadrive 2
Sega Saturn * (althought not my original one)
Sega Dreamcast *
N64 >>>Golden eye rules!
Playstation 1
Playstation 2 *
Playstation 3 *
Nintendo Wii *
Gamboy Colour
Gameboy Advance
Nintendo DS *
PSP Phat *
Nokia NGage if that counts? * Its retro now right?
GP32 (open source handheld - google it if you dont know what it is) *
Amiga 500
Amiga 1200 / 8mb Classic WB ADV SP *
Compaq Presario P133 (Ahh my 1st PC, the memories)
HP with 500mhz AMD K6 with 3D now LOL
AMD Athlon 800mhz custom built
AMD Athlon 1.2ghz (ugrade of above)
AMD 64 3200+ currently in my Media Centre getting a 2nd lease of life *
AMD X2 4400+ ABIT Fatailty board & 8800GTS (Time for a new PC soon!) *
Oh and an IBM 600E Laptop although its dead, but its hard drive lives on in my Amiga 1200! *

Hmm think thats it!


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AmiBay MegaMod
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Okay... I take it this is some sort of "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned" thread...

Atari 2600
Atari 400
Atari 7800
ZX Spectrum 48K
Acorn Electron with Plus 1
Commodore 64
Commodore 64C (2nd Version)
Amiga 500
Amiga 500+
Amiga 600
Amiga 1200
Apricot Xi
IBM Model 30 PC (286)
Playstation 1
PS One
Xbox 1
Compaq LT 286 laptop
Compaq Deskpro EN PC (866 Celeron)
Compaq 9100 laptop (P4 2.6 Ghz)
Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy Color
All sorts of self-built PCs, from 386s, 486s, AMD K5 and K6s, Pentium 1 and 2 and 3s, Celerons up to 3.2Ghz, Athlons / Semprons up to 2.4Ghz.

How many "Hail Marys" is this list gonna cost me....

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Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Sweden
Posts: 2,084
Lambda 8300
Laser 200
Philips MSX 1
Spectravideo MSX 1
Texas TI-99/4A
Tandy TRS-80
Atari Lynx
Sega Gamegear
Sega Mastersystem
Sega Saturn
Commodore 64
Amiga 500
Amiga 1200
Playstation 1
Various IBM PCs since 1998
Macbook Pro
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I think I'm a PC lol.....

Owners Progression thus:

BBC Micro - 5.25" Disk, tape recorder added later
Acorn A3010.

Gateway 2000 P5-90 8mb, 1Gig HDD 2meg graphics... which got several toys added
Ended up with 48MB Ram and 8.4 GB HD running a 200MMX Overdrive and an Orchid Righteous 4MB 3DFX PCI graphics card..... Was a reasonable Win 95/98 machine.

Viglen (Ugh) Genie II, 4MB ATI Rage IIc graphics, 64MB RAM NT 4 (uni Build so didn't have a choice)
Didn't do much with this one apart from a Zip 250 and then a CDRW drive.... upgraded with a 128MB RAM chip for total of 192 MB.

Viglen P4 1.8GHz PC 512MB Ram 20 Gig disk. Another Uni machine that I was given to use for my masters.In accordance with Hungry Horace's Signature, this was my "Putain de Salopard" machine which convinced me to build my own....

1st Home build

3.0GHz P4 80Gig HD 1024MB ram ATI 9800 Pro graphics (with an XT bios woo)

Home build1.5

3.4 GHz P4, Nicer motherboard, WD raptors in Raid 0, Ati X800XTPE DVDROM/DVD-RW

Current Beastie:

Ah fed up doing this loll..lol.ol.ol.

Amiga 1200.... woo!

Other of note:

Atari Lynx II (got recently lol)
Spectrum 48k (borrowed)
Acorn Electron (borrowed)
BBC Master (School)
Acorn Archimedes A310 (School)
BBC A3000 (School)
Acorn A3010/20/4000/5000 (never had a Risc PC at school though )

Or Maybe I'm an Acorn

PS: Forgot the PS3
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Location: Alicante/Spain
Posts: 192
Vic 20
Commodore 64
Commodore 128
Amiga 500
Amiga 1200
PC's from 486 25Mz to Pentium 4 - 3Gz

Unfortunately I sell the first two and the third refuse work
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Stuck in the 80s

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Age: 40
Posts: 3,172
ZX Spectrum 16K
ZX Spectrum 48K
ZX Spectrum +3
Sega Master System Mk1
Amiga 500
Amiga 1200
Daewoo PC
Amiga CD32
Amiga 500
Amiga 500
Amiga CD32
Amiga 2000
Amiga 1000
Amiga 500
Dell Mini9
Amiga 500
Amiga 600
Amiga 4000/040

I'm a nutter Amiga
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I think that I've listed them before... can't find it now though
Okay, here we go :

Atari 2600
Sega Master System
Amiga 500
Sega MegaDrive (+ MegaCD & 32X)
Super Nintendo
Sega GameGear
Atari Lynx
Pentium 60
Atari Jaguar
Nintendo 64
Pentium 200
AMD 1 Ghz
AMD 2400+
AMD X2 3800+
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Location: Amiga 4-ever!
Posts: 118
In chronological order:

Game & Watch Ball
Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory
Game & Watch Donkey Kong
Game & Watch Zelda
Atari 2600
Amiga 500
A bunch of PCs
Playstation 2
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