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Mayor of Roron
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New N00b Here! =p

I recently traded for an NTSC Amiga CD32 system and was recommended to join this forum by a couple of members on DigitPress's forums. I've been having a hard time getting into the system because a) I don't have a TV that can properly display PAL; b) I can't find any reasonably-priced games for the system; c) most of the burns I've made of games have shown me which ones to AVOID purchasing rather than which to buy if/when I can find them (so far I've gotten the most traction out off Darkseed... at least there's no jump button in that game, so I'm not constantly pushing up on the D-pad XD).

So anyway, about me... I'm a bit of a game collector, console gamer only tho. My main interests are RPGs and horror-themed games. Besides gaming I'm casually into anime and... a bit of a music snob I guess. I also used to be an avid reader, but I just don't seem to have the time anymore. Doesn't help that the local library lost a book I returned and now expect me to pay them $80 to replace it/cover late fees. XD

Well, I suppose this is long enough. Anyways, hi everybody!

[edit: oh yeah, I almost forgot... what is WITH the picture quiz when you try to register an account? I mean I can understand having it as a security measure, but... the pics either don't show what it's asking for, or it's really difficult to tell that they do. The first one I got was "Click the picture of a horse." Yet, none of the pics depicted a horse (that I could see/tell was a horse). I refreshed and got "Click the picture of a bridge." Unfortunately, there were several pics that looked like they showed a bridge! After getting that one wrong, I got "Click the picture of a prisoner." I got that right, but man is it hard to tell that guy is a prisoner. If it wasn't for the door with bars on it (that is incredibly small in the pic) I would have gotten that one wrong too. Anyway, just had to rant about that for a minute, sorry.]
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Can’t rain all the time..

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Good place for Amiga CD32 Games > http://www.underground-gamer.com

Welcome to EAB
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welcome mobiusclimber, no idea about the pictures to reister might want PM RCK see what he says

any ways enjoy ya stay theres lots to see and do round here
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The picture quiz, that you're talking about, is to stop, I believe, spiders and bots registering, I think this is a new feature that RCK has implemented as when I joined it wasn't there. I believe it uses some classic Amiga game screenshots for you to choose from
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Mayor of Roron
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Thanks for the link, Kitty, and thanks for the welcome, guys. Yeah I figured the pics were from classic Amiga titles, but not everyone joining this board is necessarily going to be familiar with those games. If someone got an Amiga for free and couldn't figure out how to get it working, for instance, they'll have not played a single Amiga game. The big problem tho is that the pics are just too small and indistinguishable, and the item you need to find is too vague. It's like if I had a test that said "pick the pirate" and three of the pics had a guy in a frilly shirt and one pic had a guy with an eyepatch. XD Ah well, I was able to register eventually, so no worries.
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Oh Yeah! Welcome to EAB mobi

Glad you were able to answer the quiz to join
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Old 11 October 2009, 20:52   #7

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Welcome on board
And yes, the harder picture quizz is, the safer this place will stay
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Old 21 October 2009, 11:58   #8
OT Whore
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Welcome mate!

Well, take the quizz difficulty as the little trial effort you need to join this awesome board nobody wants to be part of an elite by just knocking at the door and saying "hi, may i join plz?"

Enjoy your stay, this place is great!
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RPGs are well catered for on the Amiga, not sure how many releases made the CD32.
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