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Cool Matt Chat on Tomb Raider

Hi, Amigans, this week I'm back with the Saturn/PSX classic Tomb Raider!

[ Show youtube player ]

This was one of the first games I remember playing and thinking--damn, this new stuff is really getting interesting (at the time I was still clinging to my Amiga 3000). The video sports footage from the PS1 and PC versions, and you might be interested in the "Anniversary Edition," which updates the visuals tremendously. I downloaded it from Gametap a year or so ago, but it's readily available for lots of different platforms.
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Never played any of these games, might have to check it out... but because of some issues I have with my fingers, I'd have to play it using the keyboard.. and you didn't recommend that in the review. Probably a hassle to control the camera and such with the keys, I can imagine.
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Tomb Raider for the PC (the port of the original Saturn game) is perfectly playable using the keyboard, and can be bought very cheaply now. Plus, you can save your game at any point, not just where there are crystals to be found, so it's better for beginners too.
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great episode again !

yup, I bought the anniversary edition some time ago for a few bucks, it was great value for the money ! and a nice reminiscence of the good old lara days !

ps: I'm the winner of the book
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Ah, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Wipeout and Tomb Raider on the PSX Great times for sure. Never got into Tomb Raider on the PC, but maybe I should have a look at the Anniversary Edition.
Great review as alwas Matt
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Thanks, guys. I realized after I made the comment about the keyboard that it's easy to remap the keys however you want. So you could go with the familiar WASD! I think it defaults to the numeric keypad, but I'm sure you could get used to it.
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Old 09 October 2009, 08:15   #7
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For those interesting in the original feel of TR etc, there are loads of user level packs and remakes for use with the TR4 engine over at TRLE - http://www.trle.net/

e.g. Remake of TR1 - http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=1553

Further info on the editor/engine is here, or follow the links therein - http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/trle.html

There is also a "next gen" editor/engine out there, here is a vid of part of the Neon God user level pack - [ Show youtube player ]

Happy tombing...

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HI Matt - Tomb Raider 1 really opened my eyes as well - I saw it first on a Playstation magazine Demo disk and could not wait to get the full release.

The swimming scenes on the Demo were what really impressed me about the game but not being a good swimmer it always made me panic a bit (still does) Your story about swimming through the underwater tunnels and nearly drowning frightened the life out of me!
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Old 10 October 2009, 18:42   #9
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Hehe, well, didn't mean to frighten anyone, but it does send a shiver up my spine thinking what could have happened if I hadn't made it back out of that thing. I would have been a good candidate for the Darwin awards for sure.
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Tomb Raider 1 was the first game that made me realise it was time to own something other than just an Amiga, and started me on the Playstation train....
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