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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
A couple of EAB regulars and I played Wired Chaos at an amiga club meeting last night and it was great, a real hidden gem. I sucked at it but very fun and the powerups were very cool.
I had a set of stereo speakers set up and loved the way each players sound would come out of each channel respectively.

Thank you for this and the other shareware games you are sharing with the community here. Awesome stuff.
That's great feedback!
Sounds excellent - would love to have seen a video of that meeting!
Really pleased that everyone loved Wired Chaos - your right, it is a great game.
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I 2nd that, that sounded cool. It does take a bit of practice. I too found it a bit hard after 15 years of non play, but it does get easier after a short amount of time. Them maze levels were a bit tricky with the poo D-pad on my joypad.
What other multi-player games did you play at your meeting?
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Graham Humphrey
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Just spent time playing it this evening (for reviewing purposes) - it's really good, very addictive, and I particularly like the number of different options. Shame there isn't an option to use a joystick adaptor though, fitting one player around a keyboard is no easy task let alone four...!
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Get them to eat less Donuts .
Yes, it would have been nice. I never had one back in the day.
I guess if your using an emulator you could emulate the keys to joysticks/pads. I not tried that myself.

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The thought of letting anyone actually touch my Amiga sends shivers down my spine...!
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Never did find the full Amiga version of Psycheul and I lost contact with the author Ben James... shame really as I thought I was making real progress here... still never mind, cant win them all...

At least I am able to now play the PS1 version of the game, Psycon

I couldn't play the upload that Ben gave us the link to as I don't have a chipped PS1 but after searching for ages I finally found a copy of Playstation Magazine disk 42 that has the Net Yaroze Compilation on it... picture attached.

It's a good game - I like it, wish it were the Amiga version though!

Originally Posted by Hungryghost View Post
Hi everybody, thanks for the nice welcome Peter! Having been routing around for the past hour looking for Psych* related things, I've found the PlayStation version on CD - and the Amiga source code for the original, if anyone's still interested in such things. After all these years, it's all gobbledygook to me!

Here's the source code: http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/11...44/psycheual.s

CD image to follow if it ever finishes uploading.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	MGS_PS1_DEMO.jpg
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ID:	28720  
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Old 16 October 2011, 01:43   #407
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Does anyone have the full registered version of Artillerus 2 - The author is happy for this to be freeware now

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But i can't find it ...
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Old 15 November 2011, 16:00   #409
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Reposting my request also here:

Bacman (1992) by Freddy Krysztofiak

The "PD" release is in fact a 1-level demo whereas the author promised a full 18-level release. Thanks for any reply.
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Old 15 November 2011, 18:12   #410
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I upped several items into the Zone. 3 are relevant to this topic's rules, so I will describe them in detail:

Bacman.adf -- the demo version I found online. Perhaps someone will have the full version?

BrainDead & BrainKiller -- two titles, but most likely, one game. BrainDead has no readme with it, BrainKiller has this:

Short: BrainKiller new 3D Shooter
Author: VirtualMadness
Uploader: TitanHB@vossnet.de
Type: game/Betarelease for test in Amiga Magazines

-- BrainKiller AGA TESTVERSION 1.2
-- Amazing 3D shooter
-- sales version supports all Amigas with 68020, 4MB Fast, mimimum
Graffiticard better AGA or Cybergraphix
-- This is AGA only demo at the moment
-- 15 huge levels to slove, with different enemies, weapons and
-- 256 colors on screen display
-- 10 MB of Harddisc space
-- better fun with 030 50Mhz or higher
-- 8 Channel bombastic sound which will blast your mind )
-- speaking sequences
-- Release July/August 1997
-- on floppy disc
-- new weapons and lighting effects added in version 1.2


Mahndorfer Heerstr. 80 A

D-28307 Bremen
Tel.: +49/(0)421/48 16 20
Fax.: +49/(0)421/48 16 20
Email: TitanHB@vossnet.de
Pages: http://www.vossnet.de/titanhb/

Distribution in England through

6 Drakes Mews, Crownhill Industry
Milton Keynes. MK8 0ER U.K.



~ = Map p = Pause RShift = Handgrenade
LShift = launch mine LAmiga = fire LAlt = Kick
1 = fists 2 = plasma 6 = Machine gun
8 = rocket launcher o = mission m = motion tracker

** we develop to give the AMIGA a new future **
BrainDead is dated October 1996, whereas BrainKiller May 1997 (there are some newer files, but they are configs/readme/icons, not the actual game content, so May 1997 is the compilation date). Both are VirtualMadness titles and both have some similar files in their entrails so I assume they are actually one title that never got released. Anyone has any lead for VirtualMadness and/or its employees? Perhaps a full version or at least more levels (if it was cancelled) can be recovered.
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Shouldn't this topic be pinned, by the way? It looks important enough
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HydroZone longplay [ Show youtube player ]
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Originally Posted by Heavy Stylus View Post
AT LAST! Mate, I have been waiting to play the full version of Beetle for years! Thanks in advance for sharing
I've been looking for it since a lot of Amiga disks got thrown out a long time ago. All I can ever find is the 30 level shareware demo. I can remember it being on a white disk. If anyone has a copy, please please let me know.

Originally Posted by Peter View Post
There isn't much information for "Beetle" but here is what I could find for use in the Hall of Light entry.
There is also the two page letter that Rob received from the game author which I have Zoned again for use here.

Year of the first release - 1993
Number of disks (or CD) - 1
Number max of players - 2
Simultaneous max players - 1
Language - English

Hardware - ECS/OCS
Amiga original game - unknown
Have cheatcode - no
Have SPS release - no
WHD install - no
HD install - Yes

Category - Platform
Subcategory Shooter - Platform - Navigator
Dimension - 2D

License - Shareware
Publisher - Unique Styles - Worldwide
Budget publisher - NA
Developer - Unknown

Artists Coder : J.R.Evans
Graphician : D.R.Hall
Musician : J.R.Evans

WHD information
HD notes
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes
Classic compilation

Additional Information:

Sound effects : W.J.Leadbetter

100 Levels with 5 Sub-Games.
Game includes a Level Editor.
Shareware Registration Fee - 5.00
If it's any help, I can remember it being on a white disk with a logo of the tiger on the front.

Sorry to ask but does anyone have a link of the full version of Beetle on Amiga. I keep finding the 30 level shareware demo version. I used to have it for Amiga and have been searching for it for ages.

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Thanks to Robert for getting back to me, really appreciated
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