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They probably opted not to build it in at all then (and the packages that are out there are JUST the plugin).
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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Both Christian's and eLowar's post afterwards have been undeleted
Thanks Damien Now everybody can enjoy Christian's post
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By the way, just for the record, and just so my participation doesn't cause any confusion, I personally don't see the point in any of this either.
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Originally Posted by Deleauvive View Post
[ Show youtube player ] gives some results actually !
Well all the versions of Linux are locked out from any kind of Hardware acceleration so it's a bit like running windows with no drivers in safe mode (pretty rubbish) especially as the RSX hardware will probably never be allowed direct access.

Also the new PS3 Slim removes the option of booting to an alternative OS so the market there just died.
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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
I prefer the Amiga as a retro platform personally. I have no interest in OS 4.1 etc. I would like to see more simple, effective things to keep the Amiga systems out there alive. A perfect example is the Indivision graphics cards, stuff like that is what we need. That And maybe some custom A1200 cases that can accommodate some of the more popular hardware mods into them (USB ports, a VGA connector that is Indivision ready, a slot and mounting area for rear facing slim DVD drive etc.) Basically all of these awesome mods and hacks people here do, I would like to see them mass produced so dolts like me can install / use them. :-)
Pretty much what I feel, but more like "original hardware remade in off the shelf components". Gate arrays for the custom chips.

We need interfaces to external off the shelf things like monitors and storage. Indivision and SATA adapters etc already exist, so...

USB and optical media are pretty useless. Optical drives are going the way of the floppy, and USB just requires a lot of drivers which will never be coded. USB to ps2 adapters for the mouse and keyboard and you're done, who wants to plug in their iPhone or camera, and who on god's green earth would ever code the drivers and apps!? No. Much easier to plop the SD card in an adapter instead.

Generic printer and scanner driver I could possibly see, but you'd need an Amiga with PC specs to get something decent in or out, and that would take a miracle to happen. Also, it would not be for those who like the original hardware/OS/Software.

The other way is the WINE type AROS way, which is excellent for enjoying the OS, but won't save the original platform.
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Personally I think it's wayyyyyyyyy too late to ever see new Amiga hardware that is modern let alone in the 25x more powerful than competing PC. Even Sony and Microsoft with billions in R&D could only make something a little bit more powerful than a gaming PC. That boat sailed a longgggggg time ago...about two decades ago when Commodore insisted 8mhz was enough

Maybe Amiga Inc should licence something like Minimig and finance it to AGA 060 levels of development and stick it in a cute little box like the Mac mini etc. Or a joystick console thingy like the C64 DTV.
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