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Connecting A1200 to PC

Exactly what PCMCIA adaptor do i need for my A1200.. and is it okay to connect it via a hub, which also has broadband plugged into it? And what type of Ethernet cable do i need, i would of thought standard patch (because of the hub).

What software do i need, both for the Amiga and for the PC?

And... phew...

if you have tested a brand of Floppy disks that are 1.44mb (PC formatted), that work on the Amiga, could you tell me which?

I know i've got some software and music, i haven't found on the net.... waiting to be turned into ADFs.

Sorry if previous threads have answered some of these questions, but a sort and simple answer would be REALLY handy!!!
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Any pcmcia card thats ne2000 and 16bit will work.. well some wont like the 3com's because of the stupid case design on the things

Do a search using webferrit or your fave search engine and you will find a list of compatible ether cards for the amiga!

I have:

Kingston KNE-PC2T 10mb ethernet pcmcia card
cnet.device - from aminet to drive the card!
NetconnectV3 - for its TCP stack!
Samba - for file sharing!
cardreset - in my C drawer to envoke the missing reset on a1200's
*I should buy the proper reset board but the cardreset bodge works well for me
Also the internet sharing sounds like a good idea! I might try and give it a shot and see if it works! dont see why not...

if you have more than 1 pc you will need a hub and the straight cat5 cables! if its just an amiga and 1pc then you need a cat5 crossed cable to make a peer2peer network
How does your broadband modem connect to the pc? is it usb or ethernet?

About using HD floppy's on the amiga... I personally have used loads of em! cheapo's and expensive and none have ever played up.. but some people's amiga's hate them so I cant say for defo that they work 100% for everyone....
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I tried another one that wouldnt fit. I think the"Cardbus" type PCMCIA2 cards wont fit.

Gotta hate that stupid non-standard case design!
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