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Wireless Game Controllers

For a while now I've been happily using my wireless Logitech rumble pads on PC for emulated retro-action:

Very nice, I like Sony-type controllers...

...now, I seem to spend more & more time using my little TC1100 tablet PC - despite only having a 1ghz CPU it has got an nVidia chipset in it so is more than up to running all the 'classic' emulators I can throw at it along with console emulation up to Dreamcast...

...trouble is I don't really want a USB-IR receiver hanging out the side of it, especially when it's got IR & Bluetooth built in - a little googling is called for:

-There seem to be no IR joypads - true?
-Some Bluetooth ones, but do any work under 'doze..?

PS3 Bluetooth Controller - On fleaBay. Nice, a bit big for carrying with a laptop, but will it work with a PC?

Zeemote - Now, I really like the look of this:
Kind-of reminds me of my beloved BUG joystick, and would make for a good travelling companion but, really, it's been designed for smart-phones, will it work..?

Does anyone have any experience with such devices?
Any other good examples that you've noted?
Do they work with a PC..?

Ok, so I'm a bit weird...
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