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Old 07 October 2009, 09:53   #81
Thalion Webshrine
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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
In my case i will drool for an A3000 plus. Yes one of those Amigas 3000 with AGA that were prototypes
Read the rules to this thread, no prototypes.
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Old 07 October 2009, 10:03   #82
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I can't be more specific that basically a big box Amiga of the early 90s, so a A2000, A3000.

I would see these advertised and they looked very cool but very expensive £1000, now I am older I would really like to own one for the first time.
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Old 07 October 2009, 10:32   #83
Thalion Webshrine
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You could get an vanilla (i.e. no upgrades) big box Amiga much cheaper

A2000 from £20 (there are squillions of them and no-one wants them hence the low price)
A3000 from £100
A4000 from £150
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Old 07 October 2009, 10:34   #84
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For me it would have to be an 030 accelerator with plenty of RAM for my A1200. But with the convenience of WinUAE and its speed on an old 1.3GHz laptop, I can't justify the price just now, used or new.
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Old 07 October 2009, 11:41   #85
Stuck in the 80s

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A3000UX or Tower just for showing off purposes

The UX I could probably afford but the Towers go for daft money!
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Old 27 November 2009, 00:09   #86
Canyon Matt
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Greatest CDTV Upgrade Ever...

The W.A.W Turbo CD 68020 CPU Upgrade with 50Mhz Coprocessor ( http://www.cdtv.org.uk/turbocd.html ) . Would finally allow me to upgrade to a real 32-bit chip from my 68010 and not have to build a custom top for my CDTV like BinoX.

If anyone knows where to find one let me know. It's the last missing piece from my monster CDTV!

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Old 28 November 2009, 00:59   #87
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An A4000T, not even too bothered about it being really expanded.. or being a c= version, but it would be nice.

Any big box amiga that ran a bbs in the old days, with /X and its filebase intact for nostalgia.
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Old 02 June 2010, 19:40   #88
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Originally Posted by amiga92570 View Post
aga would be great in the 3000. I always hoped they would come out with aga on zorro III board.

Hi there, did u own a 3000t? maybe you would share some shematics of the keylock and i would be ever happy
Old 03 June 2010, 15:06   #89
License to Bubble

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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I would have made this a POLL but there is just too much to list.

If it is a particular version of something (like an A4000D-CR Rev D) be specific. Please try and list the manufacturer's name if you know it. And if there is an interesting tale behind why, tell us.
I'm not picky, a 4000T 060/50mhz, Cybervision64, xsurf and a scandoubler would suffice.
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Old 03 June 2010, 16:42   #90
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I'd be happy to get a Cyberstorm PPC developer board into my A500T...
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Old 03 June 2010, 16:46   #91
Thalion Webshrine
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No prototype stuff!!!
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Old 03 June 2010, 19:32   #92
Targ Explorer

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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
I want a Vidi rt24 digitizer/thingy
Yay I got one last week! Now need time to play with it
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Old 06 June 2010, 12:25   #93
retro maniac

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I still need CD32 RGB extension and second joypad for CD32. Also new (but not hand build) RGB cable for CDTV and Amiga1200 (hand made are so fragile). Also CD32 expansion edge connector, PC to amiga mouse converter (USB I think).
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Old 06 June 2010, 15:32   #94
(Amigas && Amigos)++

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Kato Development Melody Pro Soundcard (and digital I/O module)
Repulse Soundcard
MacroSystem V-Lab Motion Digital YUV/RGB Transcoder
MacroSystem Toccata SMPTE time code module


1 week was up months ago!
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