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Hungry Horace
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Bloodwych Editor and New Levels

Good evening all,

I might as well reveal that the result of many hours of laboured love is finally coming together, and I have completed a working / usable version of my Bloodwych Editor for the Amiga.

A demonstration video can be found here:

[ Show youtube player ]

or for others, some pics

Map Editor Picture
Editing Scrolls Picture
Object Editor Picture
Object Stack Editor Picture
Champion Stats Editor Picture
Inventory Editor Picture
Champion Spells Editor Picture
Monsters Editor Picture
Monsters Form Editor Picture
Layout Editor Picture

Download of the editor is available on private request (PM me or visit the Bloodwych Editor forum), until such time as I am happy that it is stable/complete enough for release (which, thankfully, it very nearly is)

Features full editing of;

Map Layouts / Sizes
Map Data including Wall Scrolls
Event Trigger Pads
Event Switches
Teleport Gems
Champion's Stats & Spells
Champion's Inventory
Champion's Start Position
Number of Monsters
Monster's Stats
Monster's Form (shape)
Monster's Position
Objects in Stacks
Object Stack Positioning, including shelves

... together, I think these are all that is required to create completely new Bloodwych levels. Tests so-far have been very positive.

I still have a few final tweeks etc to add, but would appreciate any feedback / support I can get from any other hardened Bloodwych fans, or people interested in this project. This is why I am posting here.

I am obviously building up my own brand-new level set which I will also be releasing, probably alongside the Editor, as a demonstration of what is possible.

I guess there are two potential things which I could always use more help in;

- Editor users / Map designers.
- Playtesters of new maps. (preferably, people who know the game well)

There's no fixed timescale or anything, it would just be great to have some feedback. the man Bloodwych who we all know & love has been helping so far, but like the rest of us, has a life to live... this is why any input great or small from anyone else would be just marvellous.

In the future, I would like to adapt this Editor to work on PC/Atari versions, or at least create an accompaniment program which could patch my updated data into those 2 versions of the game. if anyone thinks they might be able to help here, give me a shout.

my thanks
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Nice job! It looks like you've spent a lot of time on this. I envy your productivity.
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Bo Bo

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I dont realy know this game - But again Well Done! I can see this has taken a lot of work - Nice One Sir
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Nice one Horace Guess I'll refresh my Bloodwych knowledge a bit before I even think about using your editor Looks really good, but yet you should know what you're doing there
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I've had a chance to play with a recent version of this and.....IT'S AWESOME!!!!! The amount of work and effort, the detail of the editor, just WOW!!! One of the best Amiga game home projects in a while me thinks!

I hope we get some Bloodwych fans posting here. Come on Google pick up the keywords. Bloodwych, Bloodwitch, BLOODWYCH. There, that should do it.

The potential for many new Bloodwych games and dungeons is limitless!!!!! I've finished the original and datadisk / extended levels many times in two player mode. A new take is really refreshing.

I'm wondering how the original coders designed the game now. I wonder if they had their own editor? Seems like an efficient way to create the dungeons.

Last edited by Bloodwych; 24 August 2009 at 10:18.
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Hungry Horace
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thanks for the kind words guys.

I was somewhat amused to read this post of mine from January 2006: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=223811&postcount=1

Bloodwych - glad to see you approve so readily! re: original map editor, i suspect there must have been one, as only 4 bytes are changed by my editor of parts which are "hardcoded" (some values are moved to a register prior to activating a "wooden door trap" , which only occur once each in the entire game anyway!

Also, i read somewhere about Legend's original map editor, so being by the same authors, so... "that seems very likely".

Maybe Rainbird Rich will spot this thread and give us some insight into the methods behind the madness of Mr Taglioni.
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