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Few questions about HSPascal [solved]

Hello. I edit this post because I solved all my problem with HSPascal. Here is solution for
all of them. I know it is old language but maybe someone other also need example code.

The begining of program.
program test;
  AmigaDOS, Dos, Exec, Utility;
  Cmd : string;
  TagArray : Array[0..6] of TTagItem;
  Res : integer;
  FileName : string;
  Ok : boolean;
To run a file or command
  Cmd := 'assign T: Ram:' +#0;
  TagArray[0].Ti_Tag := SYS_Asynch;
  TagArray[0].Ti_Data := 0;
  TagArray[1].Ti_Tag := SYS_Input;
  TagArray[2].Ti_Tag := NP_StackSize;
  TagArray[2].Ti_Data := 0;
  TagArray[3].Ti_Tag := NP_Priority;
  TagArray[3].Ti_Data := 0;
  TagArray[4].Ti_Tag := SYS_Output;
  TagArray[4].Ti_Data := 0;
  TagArray[5].Ti_Tag := SYS_UserShell;
  TagArray[5].Ti_Data := True_;
  TagArray[6].Ti_Tag := TAG_end;
  Res := SystemTagList(@Cmd[1], @TagArray);
To delete file
  FileName := 'Dir:Filename.exe';
  Ok := DeleteFile(@FileName[1]);
To make 3000 miliseconds delay - know in Object Pascal as Sleep:
Geting env variable is not needed because we can handle program command line parameters
like in most of Pascal Compilers do using ParamStr(1) etc or all Parameters in ParamCount
   if (ParamStr(1) = '') then

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