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Thanks for sharing this 'special' version Skylight
Btw : It's Crockett's Theme for sure
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I didn't even realise that this was rare - especially as it was someone on this very forum that gave me the .adf of it a while ago

I've been after the original version with the correct backgrounds for a while, the nudie pics are pretty crap.

Music is indeed Pink Floyd (Run like Hell) at the starting intro screen, then Phil Collins at the main menu loop and Crockett's theme by Jan Hammer in-game (with an unidentifiable loop whilst waiting to launch the ball).

If I hadn't been away on my hols, I'd have zoned it already

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If you wanna play a version with the original backdrops then you should try the original 2 disk release by Quartex.
Wall, The (1987)(Rainbow Arts)[m QTX](Disk 1 of 2).adf
Wall, The (1987)(Rainbow Arts)[m QTX](Disk 2 of 2).adf

Or the 1 disk version "cracked"(???) by Blizzard.
Wall, The (1987)(Rainbow Arts)[h Blizzard].adf

You can find these disks at PlanetEmu of course.

But there is no fully working version of the Star Frontiers release in TOSEC.
At least some files of the later levels are damaged.
And even some files of my copy from 1990 were damaged.

That's why i did compare all available dumps to rebuild the release from 04th January 1988.
But i included a new intro on this disk since the "hidden" Star Frontiers message (invisible $0A0A0A filenames) was rather boring.

btw ... if u r playing "The Wall" without Fast- or Slow-RAM then u must deactivate DF2: and DF3:
There's a bug in the Rainbow Arts intro.

And the new Intro slows down at some points on low-end Amigas, especially on A1000.
It seems the highspeed PTreplay code used by StingRay has some problems here. He did fix the original source code of Vision Factory and The Company.
Next time i will try Promizer again ... like 16 years ago ...

Ciao, Rick ...
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I played this a bit and found out that the nude backdrops are actually in the original game! So these images are nothing that someone has changed.

The nude backdrops is a Easter Egg you can find in the game. To get to play them, you need to complete a very hard bonus level (level 10).

The hacked version that exists just starting the game with these levels.

You can read this back of box:

6 images will only be for the best and most persistent players. It will be a surprise you never through of. But we will not tell anything more about that

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