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Just doing some detective work here.

Action (MooVId)
At www.dfmk.hu/~torokl/

It looks like the last version of MooVid was 1.5 (25.05.2001), I assume this version was released after the one bundled with OS 3.9?

If 1.5 was newer, does anyone know if it was any faster than Action?

According to the blurb, it should display a 240x180 truecolor AVI/MOV at 15FPS (without skipping) in perfect (!) colors on 030/50 AGA (which happens to be my setup).

Whereas with Action I can barely manage 1FPS and it's all in greyscale for some strange reason, oh and that sound is stuffed too? I've also noticed that Action seems like a very stipped down version because I can't see anyway to configure the sucker?

Before anyone mentions it, I know my 030/050 is not the machine to use for playing back movies....this is just for fun

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I just found this review which leads me to think that maybe 'NOGUI' is specified in the TOOLTYPES by default in Action....I'll have to check.
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I checked the tooltypes and found that it was set to windowmode. Once set to run fullscreen it allowed me to render in HAM mode and the sound now works correctly...very interesting and impressive for an AGA only machine.

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Action in AmigaOS3.9 is nothing more than a renamed MooVid 1.3 or MooVid Pro 2.0

You should get MooVid 1.6 (68k) and update avcodec.library from aminet plus the 3ivx codec library referenced at MooVid`s website. Then you will have a much more updated, enhanced and bugfixed version.

I did it!

Changelog since Action/MooVid1.3/MooVid 2 Pro

ADDED support for INTEL INDEO 3.1 & 3.2 (IV31/IV32) which was missing due to licensing issues, even though in documentation it was mentioned to be present.
1.4 ADDED JPEG/JFIF (MOV) codec support (8/24bit)
FIXED RLE decoder p96 playback problem (strange, nobody reported this one before
CHANGED PUBSCREEN stuff, now fall back to wb scren when specified pubscreen not found
1.5 ADDED CONTROL C (Break signal) checking stuff
ADDED support for QT3/QT4/QT5 streaming MOV files (compressed header)
ADDED 3IVX Delta 1/2 Codec support (3iv1)
ADDED OpenDIVX (DIVX) Codec support - please note: it is disabled temporally
ADDED QT 64bit filesupport
FIXED unsupported QT audio codecs frame size calculation (this caused I/O errors before)
1.6 Most biggest update ever.... So:
FIXED gui positioning problem over 65535 frames
FIXED mace audio codec crash bug (QT)
ADDED support for Divx3.11 (DIV3)
ADDED support for OpenDivx/DIVX4/DIVX5.xx (DIVX/DX50)
ADDED support for MPEG4/MPEG4 V1 (DIV1/MPG4/MP41)
ADDED support for MPEG4 V2 (MP42)
ADDED support for MPEG4 V3 (MP43)
FIXED varios problems in AVI header parser
CHANGED AVI bufsize calculation
ADDED new skipping methode (AVI/MOV)
ADDED new skipping methode w/o audio playback (tolerant skip)
ADDED NORENDER option/tooltype to disable rendering (usable for benchmarks)
ADDED support for MPEGI/Layer2 audio (mp2)
ADDED support for MPEGI/Layer3 audio (mp3)
ADDED support for Sorenson Codecs (QT/SVQ1)
ADDED support for QT6 filestructure
ADDED support for MPEG4/QT6, however it is a bit buggy ATM... (will be fixed soon)
FIXED some minor bugs in the MOV header parser
1.6 avcodec.library upgrade to v1.45:
ADDED support for MPEG1VIDEO
ADDED support for H263
ADDED support for RealVideo 1.0
ADDED support for Motion JPEG
ADDED support for WMV1
ADDED support for DV Video
ADDED support for DV Audio
ADDED support for WMV audio
ADDED support for PCM
ADDED support for ADPCM
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I wondered what version of MooVid Action was....

Yep I know MooVid 1.6 was the last version, but bugger me if I can find it anywhere (the download section on the offical site is dead).

Update: Ok, found and installed 1.6

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