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Cant run AnimatED....anyone every used this great program?


Bit of a long shot this one as its quite rare.

I enjoy doing animation and i use a program called AnimatED by Marco Vigelius.

Its great, you create an anim in dpaint, then use this program to freeze frames, add sound effects to frames etc and create great catoons.

I made a film a few years ago and fancied a go tonight, as i saw the latest Winuae out as well.

Now when i start the prog it loads but when i click on load anim or load script it crashes with a "program failed (error #80000004). wait for disk activity to finish."

The program comes on a floppy, it crashes if run from that, if i use the installer (which i now worked before) on my HD it crashes, ive tried many different configs and none work.

I thought that if i ran the prog from ram disk: it solved the problem (solution i used 10 years ago) but as with time, you forget things and its hard remembering lol.

So if anyone has any experience of this amazing program or errors etc id love to hear from you.

Thanks for any help

Im using WINUAE of course, 040, 8mb chip, 8mb fast, workbench 3.
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I don't know anything about emulation but perhaps it doesn't run on anything higher than an 030, perhaps it doesn't like certain caches, perhaps it needs a certain setpatch revision OR another patch program in it's startup, check the floppy s:startup-sequence or userstartup if it exists. Run snoopdos and see what libraries it calls, perhaps you need an older ones, maybe it doesn't like 2 meg chip? maybe it needs 16 bit fast? heh LOL Some older software just crashes instead of telling you the reason, Snoopdos could help out...

Maybe it doesn't like AGA? Perhaps it doesn't like ECS? I don't know what year the software was released...

Anyway, libraries, commands, revisions, handlers and bits and pieces, settings it what needs to be examined


ah... I just reread your post...

It does run but fails on the menu commands...

perhaps it needs arexx running, are the load anim seperate modules for example? or rely on scripts... It sounds like it could be a conflict with an accelerator cache... but I am only guessing...
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Thanks for your help, as i run workbench with many "extras" like magicwb, pointerx, arq1.83, assignZ, autopoint, coopperdemon,cycletomenu,newicons swazinfo and toolsdemon, i guess something is causing a conflict.

Ive done a fresh basic install of workbench (without fancy extras) and my program works fine now.

My current setup is 8mb chip. 16mb fast. `040, AGA so i guess it was the add ons that were causing the probmems.

Thanks anyway
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