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Old 02 June 2008, 04:24   #141
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Location: Toronto, Canada
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resurrecting an old thread
-Blizzard 030@50 with 32 MB ram
-1GB CF pcmcia card for transferring files form peecee
-Amiga 1080 monitor

-pure stock A500 with kick 1.2 still in original packaging in mint condition (one Amiga key and one commy key)
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Old 02 June 2008, 14:24   #142
Hungry Horace
Wipe-Out Enthusiast

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hmm.. curious - a "showing off" thread!

A1200 in original (butchered) case
- Kickstart 3.1
- Blizzard 68030/50 with 68882/50 FPU
- SCSI adaptor
- 144 meg of Fast Ram
- 4xEIDE'99 Adaptor
- 4 gig (or 1 gig) CF on IDE
- Internal Laptop CD-Rom of a speed i cant remember
- PCMCIA Orinoco Gold Wireless Card
- 2 x PSX pad adaptors
- ClassicWB with all my favourite extras (AMOS, Devpac, DPaint, Octamed)

also running for game code research
- Kickstart 1.2
- 512k slow ram
- Action Replay III
- PS2 pad adaptor

waiting for my A600 to arrive in the post
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Old 02 June 2008, 21:09   #143
Amiga is my Religion

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Location: Germany
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Hm, I see some changes in my amiga farm.

1 x Commodore A1200HD/40
1 x Commodore A4000T
1 x Amiga A1200 Infinitiv II Tower
1 x Amiga A4000T

Picures and Facts are in my private album.
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Old 02 June 2008, 22:50   #144
Computer Nerd

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Location: Rotterdam/Netherlands
Age: 41
Posts: 3,018
I have two Amigas:

A1200 with:
.Blizzard 1230 IV 50mhz no copro with 16mb ram
.3.5 inch 40 gig hd (on internal ide)
.52x32x52 cd rewriter (on internal ide)
.peecee keyboard interface (bitchin' stuff)

A500 with:
.2.5 mb internal memory board
.1 mb Agnus (not purchased later)

The A500 is dead, but I think all the important chips still work, as I got it to work once before it died, and it seemed to work just fine then. Maybe someone is interested in it for spare parts (maybe both the cias still work, for example) ? I'll be happy to give it away for free (I'm not charging for a dead computer), but I won't pay for the post and packaging (obviously).
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Old 02 June 2008, 23:25   #145
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: UK
Age: 44
Posts: 181
A1200 1D1 KS3,0
256Mb CF for booting from
1Gb SCSI HDD for file storage
BlizzardPPC 25MHz 040, 160MHz 603e SCSI
16Mb Fast RAM

BVision card yet to go in

Want to install KS3.1 and upgrade to OS3.9
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Old 02 June 2008, 23:29   #146
Stuck in the 80s

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Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Amigaville
Age: 40
Posts: 3,172
1 x A500 for OCS games
1 x CD32 for AGA games

1 x CD32 spare
1 x A1000 for bed partner
Spare 500's x 2
Boxed : A500 Screengems
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Old 08 October 2008, 11:26   #147
Because i can.
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Location: London
Age: 39
Posts: 25
ok here we go, (not mentioning other misc amiga bits of hardware that arn't plugged in)

A4000D/030,3.1roms,2/16Mb,40Gb,CDRW,4xIDE,kickflash,motorollin's PSU mod
basic machine, just bought and started building.

main machine. friggin PPC libs / warp3d

backup machine, solid as a rock, use it for donkey work, checking things are ok, fixing disks, downloading patches and stuff...

the linkup machine for serial link games, or just games in general

rescued from going in the trash! then added to/upgraded by me

another rescue. currently religated till i get a fix for the subway/clockport/usbNIC combo conflict

CD32/020,2/0Mb and a stack of games
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Old 08 October 2008, 14:15   #148
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: CLI
Posts: 1,462
A500 KS1.2
512Kb+512Kb RAM
Commodore 1085S

Stock CD32

A4000D/040/25 KS3.0
2+20Mb RAM
2.1Gb SCSI 2 HD
2x speed SCSI CD-ROM
Fastlane Z3
Toccata 16

As is since upgrading it in 1995 no change whatsoever. Even the Workbench is the original install from 95 and used daily till 99. Works without any problem.

Now, how many new installs did I made to my PC's since then?. Hum...
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Old 08 October 2008, 21:06   #149
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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Posts: 35
OK, I'll bite:

3.1 KickStart
2+4MB RAM, with the other 12MB in the mail!
9GB Fast SCSI II drive
External 24x SCSI CD-ROM
Expansion Systems 8MB Zorro II RAM card
A3640 CPU card (not fitted yet)

A2000 (recently acquired locally with 8 boxes of disks , books and mags)
ECS Agnus chip
KickStart 31.175
Fusion Forty accelerator (on its way here now, yay!)
A2620 CPU card with 2MB RAM
A2091 & A2052 with 2MB - I've got to get this thing open and see because the ShowConfig screen lists them on the same line so it's confusing - and a 100MB hard disk
SCSI CD-ROM changer (not fitted yet)
1080 Monitor

Jaws II 68030 CPU card with 8MB RAM
Jaws II SCSI module

Other than that, I've got a slew of systems sitting around, some getting use and some not. I've got an EFIKA, a pair of IBM eServer 335 1U blades, an eServer 345 2U, a dual-core Windows box hooked up to the television, a G4 Mac Mini, and a couple of older PCs that do firewall and backup/print serving, and the obligatory notebook to control it all via VNC. Oh, and I've got a SPARCstation 1 in storage. I think if I ever powered it all on at once there'd be a fire!
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Old 08 October 2008, 22:08   #150
Bold as Love
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Portugal
Posts: 135
Amiga 4000 40 standard with a memorex-whatsoever-but-works-fine-with-a-cooler-8-meg-ram-card and 4gb cf card.

EaglePlayer and a lot of demos - 95% of all the demos runs great: only some oldschool crunched and the amazing tbl demos... and iris heartcore. But they are OK in E-UAE. But (Win- E-)UAE is not the same thing. Not even close. It's incredible how Amiga stills the only computer that you have to get one for real. Theres vice, spectaculator, qemu, hatari,,, and yes - you have the feeling of the real computer (and sometimes better...) - I see that will never hapen with Amiga.
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Old 08 October 2008, 22:12   #151
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Location: Germany
Age: 40
Posts: 24,015
A fine A500 + 512 KB trapdoor extension and second floppy drive sitting right in fornt of my tellie in the living room Maybe one day I get meone of these fine A1200 thingie's, but just now it's okay that way
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Old 08 October 2008, 23:06   #152

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Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Germany
Age: 42
Posts: 127
I got an A1200 with Blizzard 1220, 4 MB RAM and 4 GB HD. It's just good enough for WHDload -
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Old 08 October 2008, 23:42   #153
Needs a life

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Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: England
Posts: 1,629
A1000, Xebec 9720h 20MB hard disk, Spirit InBoard 1.5mb upgrade
A2000, 1MB+8MB, KS3.1, CSA Magnum 40/4, 2088 bridgeboard
A3000, KS2.04, skicked to 3.1, 12MB+2MB, piccolo SD64
A4000, KS3.1, 80MB+2MB, cybervision, arxxon scandoubler, warpengine 4040
(1 further 4000 needing work, 1 further 2000 needing work)
A600HD, 620 accelerator
A500, 1.5MB upgrade, Spirit HDA-506

Er, that's about it!
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Old 09 October 2008, 01:20   #154
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: UK
Age: 44
Posts: 155
A4000 with KS3.0, 18MB ram, 1.3GB HD, 52x CD-RW, SCSI card, external Zip drive (currently planning to do some upgrading to this soon. Want to upgrade to: KS3.1, 60GB HD, faster CPU + more ram (possibly PPC), graphics card).
A1200 with KS3.1, Blizzard 1230 MKIV with 50MHz FPU and 32MB fast ram, 40GB 2.5" HD, internal laptop CD drive, buffered IDE interface, PCMCIA network card. Running ClassicWB AdvSP + KGWHD packs.
A600 with KS3.1, 2MB chip and 2MB fast ram, 6GB HD, running classicWB GAAE + KGWHD packs.
Second A1200 with KS3.0, 4MB fast ram, 1.3GB HD (might do a tower conversion on this A1200 at a later date).
A500+ 2MB ram
A500 KS1.3 1MB ram (x2)
A500 KS1.2 1MB ram

Still wanted: CDTV, A4000T, A1000 (just for historic reasons)
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Old 09 October 2008, 01:28   #155
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Location: Melbourne/Australia
Posts: 3,450
I currently have 3 X 1200's

My main one:

Blizz 030 Mk4, FPU & 32MB
OS 3.9

The other 2, I'm refurbing for re-sale (to the same kind of spec as my main one).
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Old 09 October 2008, 11:04   #156
Needs a life

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Location: England
Posts: 1,629
Good grief, we don't have hoarde these things, do we
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