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Old 31 October 2004, 14:29   #61
Graham Humphrey
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Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: Norwich, Norfolk, UK
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I have an A1200 with 6MB, a 68030+MMU, and a Overdrive PCMCIA hard drive. I'll probably get an internal hard drive soon, when my 18th birthday finally comes around.
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Old 31 October 2004, 21:04   #62
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1) A1200HD/40 - WB3.0/68030 33MHz (MMU,No FPU)[DKB Cobra]/18MB/1.2GB 3.5" HDD/Squirrel SCSI/Zip 100/6x CD ROM/3 FDD/1084SD2/HP Scanjet 3C/Epson LX400 Printer

2) A1200HD/40 - WB3.0/68030 33MHz (MMU,FPU)[Microbotics 1230XA]/10MB/2GB HDD/2 FDD/1084SD2

3) A600HD - WB2.05/120MB HDD/2MB/2 FDD/1084SP1

4) A500 - WB1.3.3/A570/1MB/1084SP1

5) A500 - WB1.3/1MB X 2

6) A500 - WB1.2/1MB

If the question is actually "What Amiga R U Running" then 1) and 3), the others I have but are not currently connected.
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Old 31 October 2004, 21:06   #63
Posts: n/a
I have one Amiga 2500, two Amiga 2000s, one Rare Premier Issue Amiga 500, and a rare Amiga 3000 Tower mint in a mint box.
Old 01 November 2004, 08:13   #64
Zone Friend

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Three Amiga's sit in my home.

1) A500 1MB

Not in use. Gathering dust somewhere.

2) A600 2MB 200MB Harddisk

Not in use. Boxed and put away.

3) A1200 2MB+32MB 4096MB Harddisk 68030@40Mhz Scandoubler/FlickerFixer

In use as games machine.
It is running a modified ClassicWB install.
Makes backups using a 256MB compact flash.
Networks to the PC with a 10Mbit PCMCIA NIC (wired)

It is still white (but I doubt it will stay that way)
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Old 17 November 2004, 07:14   #65
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Two amigas to play with.

I picked up an Amiga 4000/030&882, 50MHz with 16mb fastram recently - still picking through the installed software - it's the first time I've played with OS 3.9, and I'm impressed.
Have also got a 1200 with blizzard 1230iv 50/50 & scsi kit - with 256mb ram, heh, heh, heh! Am waiting to get a cdROM on the 8ugger so I can install linux. Trounle is, although the RAM registers the SCSI bus doesn't - anyone come across this problem on the 1230ivSCSI before? (I plugged the scsi cable in back to front a while back, and I think this may have -ahem- affected things slightly - ooops!). Don't know if it's the accelerator board or the scsi board which is the problem there.
Am waiting for a micronik zorro busboard to arrive (via ebay), so will try the A2091 from my A4000 on the A1200, see if I can hook up a scsi CDrom that way.

Still, after messing about with the A4000, I just wish it could handle more RAM - 18mb just isn't enough to surf the web with, even with pictures disabled. Plus, no SSL so can't log onto eBay.
May have to sell the 4000, as can't afford to have both.
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Old 17 November 2004, 11:00   #66

Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: chester
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Right... what I can see from here is....

2x A4000T (both working but in 'open box' state - desperately requiring a network card)
3x A1200 (one is my original 1993 one now with external A2000 keyboard, HD, CDROM, network card, 030 and 32meg of RAM that i've never been able to fill)
2x A600 (one with a HD - very cute)
a A1000 (that i've never been able to boot due to lack of disks - cool Kickstart screen though - still needs a keyboard)
a A2000 (could have been a 1500 as it has 2x Floppies, but has a HD as well)
a A3000 (ex US converted to PAL, but no PSU )
and a CD32!!!!

I'm pretty sure there's a couple of very yellow A500s and maybe a couple of 1200s in various states of disrepair in the loft

so almost a complete collection? and they all look fooking cool (however my missus is going mad)

oh yeah and 4 philips monitors to put them on...
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Old 17 November 2004, 11:02   #67
Mehh :D
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Location: Bristol, SW UK
Age: 55
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Three of them....

A standard A600

An A600 with 2Mb chip RAM, 40 MHz 030 processor (with FPU) and 8Mb fast RAM, Squirrel PCMCIA adapter with 4Gb Seagate HD and a TEAC CD RW drive (not used it for burning yet tho...)

A1200 pretty much standard but with 8 Mb fast RAM and the Spuirrel set up as for the A600 above.

HUGE PD SOftware collection - all the 17bit CDs, the UPD collection, Aminet ROMs and of course, loads of Amiga Format and CU Amiga ROMs
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Old 17 November 2004, 18:46   #68
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I'm down to two systems now that the A4000T PPC system has been sold.

1. A1200 (Desktop)

KickStart 3.1 ROMs, running OS3.9BB2.
Blizzard 1260 with SCSI Kit add-on (64MB RAM)
Prelude A1200 soundcard
20GB 2.5" HDD

Connected to a MicroVitec 1438S monitor...everything powered from a Power Computing 200watt PSU.

2. A1200 (Desktop)

KickStart 3.1 ROMs, running OS3.9BB2
Blizzard 1230 Mk.IV with SCSI Kit add-on (48MB RAM)
4GB 2.5" HDD

Connected to the same monitor, powered by standard 25watt PSU...soon to be replaced, hopefully, with a Goliath 200watt PSU.

I have a spare Blizzard 1260, which I may put into the second system...depends how Galahads updated SWOS installer runs on an '060 cpu.

I've also got a Wireless PCMCIA ethernet card on order...which should be here soon.

All thats left is an external (or internal) scan-doubler/flicker-fixer (I think the MicroVitec monitor will not last that much longer...) and a reliable SCSI CDRW drive.

I may mod the desktop case of one of the machines...silver and black, to match the monitor and mouse I will soon be getting...really need a CDTV keyboard though, so I can whip the black keys off it and use it on the modded case...
Old 17 November 2004, 21:28   #69
Registered User

Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Burnley
Age: 42
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Just the three for me...

An A600 with KS1.3 - designated as my Battle Squadron / Turrican 2 / Pang / Rainbow Islands machine.

An A1200 with KS3.1, 3.5GB HDD, PCMCIA network card, 10MB memory and some kind of 030 accelerator - used for Pinball Fantasies and very rarely for its original purpose of dumping games for CAPS.

An A1200 with 540MB HDD - used for banging out quick invoices and typing out notes to stick through a fax machine.

Also until last week 4 A500's in various states of dismantlage, then sent to the tip, and now most likely adorning the shelves of some second hand store.
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Old 17 November 2004, 21:37   #70
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The Amiga section of my lab is as follows:

Amiga 1200, Microbotics RAM/FPU expansion, 4(6.4)GB HD, PCMCIA network, external floppies.

Amiga 2000, 68030/SCSI, 2GBHD, need a network card

The 2000 and 1200 are switched on a 1942 monitor. I really need a scandoubler.

Amiga 500, Some generic BBC and RAM expansion, my own RAM hack, PAL/NTSC switch, A590, 1.2GB of storage, and a PC drive that works great as DF0: (cable hack). This 500 is the worst-hacked box I've ever seen, all the chips came from different units, many of the traces are burned off of the board and replaced with wire, and the case has been hacked to accomodate the PC floppy. Still, It runs great.

On the shelf I've got 2 1000's, 4 or 5 500's in various states of repair (mostly working), and a bin full of 501's, 520's, 590's, and other odds and ends for the 500's.

I really want a 3000, 4000, 600, and an '040 expansion for my 1200.

Oh yeah, and I've got an adapter that gives my 500 a Zorro slot on the sidecar bus (IIRC) that came with the Spirit ATA adapter (Used to run my BBS on that bugger with a full-height 5MB MFM drive that sounded like dying goats when it accessed).
Old 19 November 2004, 01:41   #71

Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: chester
Posts: 408
Originally Posted by madenph
Also until last week 4 A500's in various states of dismantlage, then sent to the tip
SACRILEGE! you will burn in hell for such deeds!!!!!!!
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Old 21 November 2004, 11:40   #72
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My Amiga's

My Amiga Hardware:
(updated 05/2008)

A1200 Desktop C=
Blizzard IV 1230/50MHz FPU
2MB ChipRAM - 32 or 128MB FastRAM
4GB CompactFlash-Drive
Kick v3.1 - ClassicWB

A1200 Desktop C=
Blizzard IV 1230/50MHz noFPU
2MB ChipRAM - 32 or 128MB FastRAM
4GB CompactFlash-Drive
Kick v3.0 - ClassicWB

20MB SCSI-Harddisk (broken)
Kick v2.0x
Flickerfixer Card
Action Replay III

2GB Harddisk
Kick v2.05 (37.350)

Kick v2.05 (37.xxx)

Kick v1.3
2 external DiskDrives
Action Cartridge Super IV Pro

all connected to TV - no Monitor


2xA500 Kick - v1.2 & 1.3 - 512KB RAM
A2000 with Various Expansions

...and about 2.500 DD-Floppydisks

my other Hardware :

6 PC's - (from old to 'new' and loads of old hardware)

1 Schneider CPC6128 - Green Monitor GT65 + External Floppydrive & Printer
(my very first computer, back in '85)

2 C64 - 1 SX64 - 2 C64-II + 3 Floppydrives, 2 Datasettes and a Printer

1 PSX (since '95)


here are some Pictures of my Stuff:

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Old 21 November 2004, 15:17   #73
Polar Turkey
Posts: n/a
My Amiga setup goes like this:

A4000 in customized AOpen tower
PPC 200mhz / 060 50mhz
Ariadne II
520 TV Modulator
Philips TV...

A600 (plain)
w/Vidi Amiga digitizer

Iæm planning to expand the a600
with a harddrive, more ram and an
ethernet card to make it function
as a portable animation linetest
machine. (Take 2 setup).
Old 21 November 2004, 15:20   #74
Posts: n/a
3x Amiga 500
2x Amiga 2000 one is a little broken.
2x Amiga 600
1x Amiga 1200

i have this Stuff not so long, i make a good deal to get 1200 and 600.
but i have the 500 and 2000 a long time for gaming.
Old 21 November 2004, 16:14   #75
Posts: n/a
Well i have a a1200 in a home made tower 030@50 32mb ram ide cd rom squiril scsi cd rom microvitec gpm1701 monitor a 4gig HD and a 800mb HD.OS3.9 OS3.1.Also got a couple of stock 1200's and a couple of 1mb a500's all boght from car boot sales.
Old 21 November 2004, 16:53   #76
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Location: Greece
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Just an old A500 1.3, 1MB RAM. No HD, no 2nd drive, no extra memory nothing!
Tried to update it a few times with no result. Never had the money for that extra disk/accelerator/memory things. There are some (expensive) hard disks/accelerators for A500 in ebay though.
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Old 22 November 2004, 01:37   #77
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Coventry / England
Age: 47
Posts: 37
I have...

5 stock A500's, one with GVP 8+ 40mb HDD and 2mb fastram
2 stock A600's, one with an extra meg of chip in the trapdoor
1 stock CD32
1 A1200 with 1.2gig HDD with KS/WB 3.0

I would _really_ like to get hold of an A4000/040 but my finances wouldn't stretch to it
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Old 24 November 2004, 03:25   #78
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Location: Kingston upon Hull
Age: 42
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Currently massaging my spare 1200 motherboard into a compaq deskpro case - fits extremely snug with a micronik busboard - will have to cut out backplate & raise case top though to allow zorro cards to fit. And rehouse the psu...
That keyboard problem's a bit of a stumper aswell, what with having no adapter :¬(

All good clean fun though.
Forgot to mention the 2 A500+, the 3 A500s (1x 1 meg) and the 2 A600s which are stuck in various drawers - an ebay haul form about 2 years ago!

Could really do with a filing cabinet drawer to mount them ALL in, hook up a multi switch box & network the 8u99ers together (you can but dream....). Wish I had the programming knowledge to be able to do it though.
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Old 24 November 2004, 04:01   #79
Powered by Motorola

Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Age: 46
Posts: 1,064
Old thread, but I'll play.

Current main system:

Blizzard 1260 060/50MHz
Blizzard SCSI IV
Kickstart 3.1/Workbench 3.9bb2
ScanMagic SD/FF Internal
HD Floppy
20GB Hitachi 2.5" ATA-4 HD
24x Plextor External SCSI CD-RW

New main system: (still needs setup and transfer)

Cyberstorm Mk3 060/50MHz
Kickstart 3.1/Workbench 3.9bb2/Kickflash OS4
Elbox Mediator 4000Di
3DFX Voodoo 3000 PCI
Realtek 10/100 NIC PCI
Creative Sound Blaster 128 PCI
Scan Magic SD/FF Internal
HD Floppy
40GB IBM 3.5" ATA-66 HD on ACard SCSIDE (Connected to CSMK3 Wide SCSI)
Iomega Zip 250 ATAPI

TV game system:
Kickstart 2.05/Workbench 2.1
S-Video (Chroma/Luma) Box
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Old 24 November 2004, 09:22   #80
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Location: Australia
Posts: 328

Time for me to show off my specs/epenis

Commodore Amiga 1200, Kickstart 3.0 (rescued from attic)
ultraslim 1.6GB HD (strapped in with cellotape)
Blizzard 1230 Mk IV, 030@50MHz, no FPU, 16MB RAM (wedged in with brute force "should fit in easily" says manual, my ass)
Squirrel SCSI module, CD-ROM
standard mouse & power supply (not dead yet!)
RGB scart lead + stereo connection
joyswitch and 2x 6-button megadrive pads (would love a proper joystick though... either a Konix Speedking or the blue Logic3 Competition Pro for the STE Falcon...)

Bloodwych' ClassicWB_FULL and a metric fuckton of WHDgames (salutes )
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