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Games that had meaning, other than for their gameplay.

Which games have you got an attachment to and that tell a story, other than for just being 'that game'? Here are mine:

Wonderboy - I first remember seeing Wonderboy when I went to a school trip to Valkenburg in Holland. I was sitting with my friends in the hotel and looked over to see the girl I really fancied playing it on an arcade machine. (OK, not really amiga related).

Settlers - The sheer amount of time I used to spend on this game with my best friend. When we were early teens my friend would stay over so we could just play Settlers. We lost track of time most times and it went on till about 2am in the morning, split-screen, me and him with the mouse, eyes fixed on the monitor! Not only that, we made comedy disks for the Amiga - Fun times.

Wolfchild - This is what inspired me to get an Amiga. My uncle had an Amiga and I always wanted to play this around his house, although I think the game isnt all that good now. I saved up my pocket money of £10 a week for ages, to buy myself an Amiga 500.
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Prince of Persia - my first game I played on 16bit computer (at my mothers office, without sound) and I found the difference between shitty 8bit and 16bit. Before this I only read about "big" games.

SOTB 3 - I bought Amiga without expanded memory (they were out of stock) and I had to wait around two weeks for package. The only game that worked on 512kb was SOTB 3. I finished it and was proud of me After years I made a SOTB 3 soundtrack.

Street Fighter 2 - first game I played after memory had been delivered.
Next few years I played SF2 a lot, me and my brother played KO tournaments (with 7KIDS cheat), it was like ATP Tour :-)

Monkey Island 1 - third Amiga game I played, it was one of the biggest turn on in my gaming career. I spent about hour in Scumm bar, listening to the music and chatting with pirates, I've never seen something like that before. I play it regularly around Christmas, its tradition for me :-)
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Sensible Soccer - after being a KO2 fan, this didn't impress me at first, but then I got the hang of it and it grew to be the most played and one of the top three most loved games of all time (MI2 and FF7 being on first and second respectively).

Secret of Monkey Island - I had found the perfect genre. Back in the days, this game felt so incredibly huge and epic, and I've yet to discover that feeling again.

Elvira - well, I was impatiently waiting for my christening so I could spend the gift money on expanded memory, and Elvira was to be the first game I got.

Monkey Island 2 - the first original game I ever bought in my life, and I remember waiting a month for it to arrive. Then when I reached Booty Island, I couldn't enter the used shop, or whatever it was called - because I got a read/write error on disk 7. So I had to wait another couple of weeks, so I could get a new one. I still have the exact game, plus one extra copy.
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Space Quest (and any other early Sierra game) - at the age of 10 or so, these games expanded my English vocabulary many times faster any than other kid of my age learned at school.

Kingdoms of England - the only game me and my dad would agree to play together. I lost nine out of ten times but I still had to try to beat him over and over again.

Wing Commander - during a time when Amiga owners where bullied by their PC friends this game finally showed that the Amiga could pull it off and was still breathing. Well, kind of. Also one of my all time favourite games ever.

Shadow of the Beast - not only was it a game to show to your PC buddies and make them go "Oooh!" but it was also too weird and scary for me to play at that time so I just kept it in the closet and admired the box cover.
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He found it at the zoo..
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Beneath a Steel Sky - a really fun game that also made you work for a result, and took some thinking power. First played on a standard A500 with NO HARD DRIVE! So much better when I got the HD, less interruption that's for sure.
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Barbarian (Palace Software) - First game I ever played on the A500

Flashback - cause I finished the whole game before it got released into the UK, much to my mate's surprise

Oscar (AGA) - cause it was the first game I played on the A1200, fecking hated it

Speedball II - 'Ice Cream ---- Ice Cream'
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Moonstone - Saw that game at a friend and had to have it. The problem was he would only swap it for something else (yeah, he was a prick ). Took me three days to come up with something he wanted. Got 'sick' for the rest of the week and played it like a maniac

Turrican II - Well it's mainly because of the gameplay, but it's the main reason why I got back to the Miggy Oh and of course for the awesome Chris Hülsbeck music too

Champions of Krynn - First RPG I played through and that without the Adventurer's Journal Took me some time to get used to all the stats and since that I'm quite hooked up to RPGs
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Moonstone - Saw that game at a friend and had to have it. The problem was he would only swap it for something else (yeah, he was a prick ). Took me three days to come up with something he wanted. Got 'sick' for the rest of the week and played it like a maniac
We know what he wanted
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Defender of the Crown - like a lot of people I imagine it was one of the first things I saw on the Amiga down the local computer club, and it was absolutely incredible.

A year or two later I saved up enough to get my own A500. Then I got to realise DOTC wasn't as good to play as it was to look at
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Gods - I had a bad habit of not finishing games. Partly, I'd just move on to the next and partly I didn't want to think of it as being over. I was also a terrible hoarder (not that I wouldn't trade, but I had to have everything I could get my hands on). But I was going in for minor surgery and spent the night prior playing Gods, without cheating (I'm pretty sure heh) all night and finishing it. Haven't played it since, though it would be high up on my top games list.
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Pssst. The first Speccy game I ever saw and first home computer game I played. I was a little dude at my uncle's house. Every adult was watching a horror movie which I wasn't allowed to see so they put on the spectrum with this game. That evening I felt really in love with gaming.

Jetset willy and Manic Miner. I don't know how to explain it but those games in every aspect brings back memories of my early childhood, when everything was free of problems and was all about having fun.

Elite, but as I hate to say it, I played it on my terrible XT PC (which I later exchanged for an amiga 500). This game brings back so many memories. Played it for months and months while listening to Jarre's Oxygene album. Good times. My favourite all time game without a doubt.

Powermonger. Many freezing winter days I used to play this game which I never even completed, not even close. When I hear the animals barking and grunting my early teenage years flashes in my memory.

Dune. The music, the story, in a period of my life during a bloody hot summer, which wasn't the best period you can imagine, like a lot of my teenage years. Lot's of troubles around me between my parents. This game and Nirvana's Nevermind album resembles these days for me.

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Frontier Elite 2 - Has to go down as one of the most amazing and immersive games ever created. I remember reading the box and seeing that it could generate 100,000,000+ planets. There of course were some bugs but the complexity and scope of the game on one floppy disk was absolutely mind blowing. I spent countless hours perfecting my landings on planets, finding trade routes and exploring the galaxy.....i would even use the map to discover interesting planatary systems and attempt to fly there.

Sensible World Of Soccer - While again this game had a few bugs (namely lack of player stats?) the sheer scope and the amount of teams was absolutely amazing. I have yet to see a football game that matches the sheer size of this game and i remember playing in the variety of leagues it had to offer.

Theme Park - As far as im aware at the time the game was unique. I remember reading previews for the game and waiting in anticipation of it's release, read more reviews and finally got my hand on a copy...was amazed by it and didnt put it down for ages. There was a sense once you did one level that you'd already gotten most if not all the rides etc but the replay value was still high.
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I remember Damocles having lots of real life references...
Taken from Wikipedia, to avoid me having to think too much

Damocles contains many real-world references, particularly drawn from the UK in the 1980s. For example: the president of the planet Eris is named Margaret, after Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990); and there is a bank called Lawson Bank, after Nigel Lawson (British chancellor of the exchequer from 1983 to 1989; though a real Lawson Bank does exist). Some of the references are more elusive; for example, several stores are called "GUM Stores", after the real Russian Gosudarstvennyj Universalnyj Magazin department stores.
The villain of this game is a character who appeared in Mercenary: PC BIL, short for the Palyars Commander's Brother-In-Law OR Personal Computer Bil - after Bill Gates.

The computer assistant/servant in all Mercenary games was Benson. This is the name of the lead character in the TV show BENSON 1979 - 1986. Benson was the head of household affairs for scatterbrained and widowed Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble), and his daughter Katie (Missy Gold).
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Nobody mentioned those educational erotic games, yet?
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