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How did you get hooked; and why?

G'day all

Have you ever thought back in time and wondered to yourself how and why you got hooked on Amiga stuff? Other than being the best machine back in its days, what else was it that attracted you to the wonderful Amiga ?

As for myself, I was introduced to the Amiga by a mate who had bought himself a bran spanking new A500 and all we ever did was play boulderdash and marble madness...... Those were the days !!!

I waited some time before I got my first A500, and although it was second-hand, my 1084S was NEW !! When the 500 was not enough, I bough a brand new 1200 with its magical 40Meg drive. And from there it's history.

My first modem was a blistering 1200 baud (amazing.. hey) which took a whole day to d/l what only takes seconds these days.

It has always been fun, and it continues to be heaps of fun, and thanks to many friends here at EAB and here in Australia through the years, I have heaps of s/w to keep me going for a lifetime.

Why would you have anything else?

What I still own:
2x A1200
1x A2000
2x A600

What about you?

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My mate had unknown Amiga and Shadow of the Beast. Later he cheated me that he have also fourth part (he was dork anyway...). I got my first A500 from my cousin (he bought PC). Before that we played a lot of games at his home (I remember Hostages, Bomb Jack). I got PC also from him and sold Amiga with 300+ disks to second hand shop... ~2 years ago I got Amiga 500 for free from my patient (I gave him rubber PC keyboard). Sorry for my poor english.
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Stuck in the 80s

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One of my friends at school told me about the Amiga in around late 1990 before Christmas.

He had an Atari ST FM at the time and he wanted me to get one of those - however, his uncle had just bought the Amiga 500 Batman pack and I remember him quite vividly telling me how his uncle thought it was great

So without even playing on a 500 I bought one for Christmas that same year. Had to sell my Master System to part fund it - it was not cheap at £360. My friend was annoyed at me! Silly Atari users

Over the years I bought loads of expansions for it and finally got a 1200 in the summer of 1993 part exchanging my 500 for it. It was kind of a mistake as a lot of games for my 500 never worked on the 1200 back then... however, I did get into a lot of the AGA stuff at the time and kept hold of the Amiga until 1999 when I got rid of everything at Cash Convertors. God, what an idiot

Then, 2 or 3 years later I bought a CD32 and the rest is history (see sig). I will probably get a 1200 sometime this year too...
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I have had about 10 A1200's go through my hands... Got rid of them for one reason or another... But whatever it is, an Amiga shall always be my friend.
My 4 year old is actually playing emerald mines right now (boulderdash II) and it just melts my heart.... He's just like me !!
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My cousin had a Amiga 500, played chase HQ, speedball and kick off. ANd i had to get one. Come christmas 1992, i got an Amiga 600 with wild wicked. And from then the rest is history.
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A friend of our family got into computers in the mid 80's and owned several Amigas. Me and my brother loved visiting him and going through all his disk boxes and playing the hundreds of different games he had. Emerald Mines and Marble Madness were two of our favorites as well. To be honest every single game back then was a favorite. They don't make them like they used to!

I actually enjoyed those early years in the 80's spent playing all the fun games more than I did the 90's when I had my own Amiga.
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Magazines and shops mostly. My father gave me a huge XT PC and I used to play it all kind of crap looking adventurish games all the time. PC gaming was still in it's very infancy and the amiga was growing strong with the A500. My friends where still playing with their C64's and these dull 8-bit consoles.

As my parents wheren't really rich those days I had to convince them to exchange the giant pc for an amiga. My father and an uncle, kept on telling me "but but but these pc's are the future, you will be very sorry in a couple of years time". I didn't care and I didn't really believed in it neither because eh just look at that thing. Besides that, I wanted that F-18 Hornet flying around in MY bedroom instead of behind the shopwindow from the shop I camped far too often. After showing my dad Amiga screenshots from several magazines and a lot of aditional whining he decided to exchange the pc for an amiga 500

Very later on, around the DOOM days however, I did sell my A1200 to get me a 486 pc but that's lot's of years later.

Now I have both amongst other videogame relics

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I was born as an amiga guy. Like almost everyone here I mean it seriously, its fate.
I saw few cool games on PC, PoP,Lemmings,Another World, Gods, but I played them without sound, PC was more expensive than Amiga, and I didnt like PC, all the managers (Norton,Volkov etc), pack utilities, autoexec files etc, I was ZX Spectrum user at that time and I wanted to turn the computer on and play. My favourite magazine (and there were only two in my country ) previewed most of the 16bit games from Amiga versions. Amiga was fetish for me. And it still is, I will buy A1200 from amigakit in few months.
Its my first love. It never cheated on me.
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Playing Barbarian by Psygnosis, watching demos by f.ex. Megaforce, and making my first program in Seka on my friend's A500. "Hey Paul, look, I have this raster line moving up and down until I hit the mouse button!" hehe.

I remember biking through heavy snow all that magical xmas holidays every single day just for a dose of Amiga. His mom used to stuff us full of pizza and other lovely food. And lots of Cola, of course.
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I've always had a love of computers but never realy got my teeth into them until PeeCees came out.
I had owned an A600,A500 and A1200 but just used them as game consoles.
After many years of being a Peecee engineer i decided to look into Amiga's again as the pc's were no longer a challenge....now i have a damn obsession with Amigas that the pc interest i had comes nowhere near .

All that said i absolutely adore this obsession.
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I had a commodore C64 that I was totally mad about and loved. I had read about the Amiga and was planning to save for one and get one once there was lots of games being developed. I went round my cousins and he had a friend round who had brought hos a500 round and they were playing North and South. That was it i was hooked, I was a house husband at the time, my then misses worked and i stayed at home and it took me ages to save up for one and i eventually got a brand spanking new A500+ cartoon classics pack. Those were the days - misses worked and i stayed at home doing a bit of cleaning then played games all day. Later I started working and got a A600 then virtualy strait after a 1200. then they all got robbed when we were burgled. I played emulated miggy games on my GP2X untill I got a new 1200 at christmas.
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
then they all got robbed when we were burgled.
They didn't get taken from tomato boxes in your garage did they?

Seriously though mate that sucks, I feel for you. I would be so gutted if I got done over.

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Phone Zen
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Visited a friend that was going to college that had a 1000. We were doing some LSD and playing a bunch of different games, but it was the ball spinning in Speedball that I remember most vividly, to this day. How could I not get hooked?
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After I seen the A500 'in action' at a friend and comparing it to my C64, I knew I had to get one Got it used with a 512 KB RAM extension, a second drive and two boxes with disks. Still remember my first night with the Miggy like it was yesterday Played till 4 with the volume put really low and games like Chambers of Shaolin, Budokan and Crystal Hammer To use Gordon's words : And from then the rest is history
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I thought I could talk in this thread on how I got started with heroine.

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Well i used to buy tape games for my 48K from a local shop.

One day i went to the store after a three long months absence, when suddently i saw it! I had 11 or 12 years old. It was 1988.
I knew i had to have that A500.
Ask father to buy one but my father fastly replied that he couldnt afford it since he was already paying for a new Color TV and a VCR.
So i had to stick to my good old Spectrum with 450 game tapes.
I used to go to the shop often with the "buy new tapes excuse", but i only used to stare at the games and demos the guy was always playing in the A500.
I waited until 1990, until my father decided to buy me the Amiga, the guy at the store was already tired of me anyway...nice chap though...very patient...
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Into the Wonderful
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I was over a friend's house. This guy was the sort of person that had to have everything as soon as it came out - he threw (his and his parents') money at new consoles, new computers, new cars, new sound systems, etc etc. He also had to have things before everyone else. You know the type.

So we were watching his new ultra modern (for those times) TV, but I couldn't stop inclining my head to where his brother was sitting, playing this computer. I saw a snippet of the legendary Another World intro, and I knew I had to see more.

Later, this friend would show me Gods, which has become one of my favourite games of all time, and Atomic Robokid.

A few months later, it became apparent that I needed a computer. And the Amiga was it. Many wonderful memories, as well as a wonderful childhood, were to be created thereon!
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So far so good people..!! Thanks to all so far for your comments..
Now; what I am interested in knowing is... Did you ever do anything to "benefit" as in like I did:

(Arsehole I was !!) ... Many years ago, there was a program to test the Amiga's ports and the like, which worked to my advantage all the bloody time. From memory it was called ANALYZER. I used to buy my amigas from the paper (in oZ- known as "the trading post"); which would always test "BAD" but in fact were 100% perfect..!! Heheheheh Always managed to pay way less for them !!

Did anyone else do this ? I only found out about it by chance.... but milked it to death !!
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I had a spectrum and wanted a new computer (in 1992) I thought about getting an archimeded for school work, then an ST as they were cheap but an amiga was seen as the deluxe posh computer that was amazing........

After pleading with parents i got a lovely A500+ and thank god i did!

Best gaming years of my life, animation, octamed, painting, AMOS, genlock, oh and did i mention some of the best games ever in the history of the world! lol

Amiga SWOS to this day is sheer perfection and hasnt been improved on since.

In `95 i got a 150mb HD A1200 and that was a great leap up with an `060 card and 4mb of ram. Did EVERYTHING i wished my A500+ could.

Id never sell any of my amigas, the money gained would not be worth parting with a dear friend.
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Originally Posted by DC33 View Post
So far so good people..!! Thanks to all so far for your comments..
Now; what I am interested in knowing is... Did you ever do anything to "benefit" as in like I did:
Check this thread out: Confess your sins
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