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Old 16 February 2009, 18:10   #1
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does anyone have any information about vulcan.co.uk or valhalla 3d?

the valhalla games were some of the best on the amiga
and i have them from their website which they remade for pc
but they were also working on new games, including valhalla 3d

their website hasn't updated in years now
they just stopped working as it appeared
even on their vulcan portal they didnt say anything
and that stopped working too

i havent been able to find anything by googling either
even googling their names, paul hale carrington and lisa tunnah
didnt show up and recent news pertaining to vulcan.co.uk

if anyone know anything at all, it would be great to find out
what happened or whats going on

thanks very much
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Old 23 February 2009, 00:39   #2
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i guess that's a no then?

their new games looked like they were gonna be really good
i hope we hear from them again some day
Old 23 February 2009, 15:47   #3
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Originally Posted by goldberg View Post
i guess that's a no then?

their new games looked like they were gonna be really good
i hope we hear from them again some day
I remember that I e-mailed Vulcan around 10 years ago, asking if they will develop their Amiga games, and if No, why?

To my surprise I received an answer, but it was very arrogant.
They said
No, because you are the only Amiga user left.
That was in 1999, when I was less enthusiastic about the Amiga, than I am now
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Old 23 February 2009, 15:50   #4
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haven't they just entered a business partnership with Amiga Inc? check Amiga Inc's news page i'm sure they are on the 1st page

cheers, JuvUK

yep go here 8th item on down on the list http://www.amiga.com/news/
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Old 23 February 2009, 15:53   #5
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I think that effort has died a death. Amiga Inc. approached Thalion and we've not heard from them for ages.
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Old 23 February 2009, 15:55   #6
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But vulcans games were crappy anyway.
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Old 26 February 2009, 14:52   #7
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Originally Posted by fryguy View Post

But vulcans games were crappy anyway.
YEAH they suck ballz
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Old 26 February 2009, 16:47   #8
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Originally Posted by plasmatron View Post
YEAH they suck ballz
Couldn`t finish them eh
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