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Why game companies didn't make better games for Amiga

I wonder why game companies did not make games for Amiga that supported better hardware like a 030. They did it for the PC. And they are still doing it. They make games that do not run optimal on today's hardware and as a result people keep buying better hardware.

For example: I have been playing XCOM on the PC and apart from the awful midi sounds, the game crushes the Amiga version in every aspect. There is shading, light variations, gameplay is fluent and instant. Apparently a 030 with 8mb RAM and AGA could have achieved a similar result. But Microprose made the Amiga version inferior. I mean do you have any idea about this? Maybe they stereotyped general Amiga users? Did they think PC users would upgrade but amiga users won't?

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I think at that time, not many people had accelerators on a A1200. So they had to make the game for a stock machine, 020 and 2Mb chip, to guarantee a solid title sale.

If Commodore had lasted longer, perhaps we would see titles for upgraded machines, who knows?
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Well i think the big game companies have only converted games to the Amiga with minimum effort at that time. So they only made games for a plain A1200 with maybe some added memory, but not made special options for accelerators. The Amiga wasn't produced anymore and the market wasn't big anyway.
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are there any miggy games that really make use of an 030?
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Games like: Genetic Species, Breathless, Wasted Dreams, Foundation, Nigthlong, Napalm, Nemac IV and some more....
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Night long and Wasted dreams look great - are they commercially available still?
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Originally Posted by xpect View Post
they had to make the game for a stock machine, 020 and 2Mb chip
I think they made games around the "stock machine" config of OCS + 512K chip + 512K other right up to the end. Deviate from this formula and you risked no sales as owners of higher end machines were terrible software pirates.
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Put it this way, Speris Legacy was created for A1200 and CD32, and that couldn't even generate us any money over the advance we got (pitifully small), imagine if we'd only catered for bigger end machines, the sales would have been even bloody smaller.

Quite simple, whilst there was plenty of high end machines out there, the owners simply were not interested in buying software.

Now, say what you like about Speris Legacy, but a Team 17 title back then was still selling well, biggest mistake we made was leading on A1200, we tried to trim it down for OCS/ECS during development and realised we couldn't.

The money was in OCS/ECS, therefore you cannot blame developers for never utilising the AGA machines properly.
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