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Originally posted by Shadowfire

Sorry to say this, but Link looks like a total dork... [/B]
This is why I asked you to wait for the upcoming E3...
You can not judge games on beta screenshot, especially miyamoto one, do you remember the first sshots of ocarina of time ?
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ok that does look a bit better
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pardon my ignorance, but.. how the hell they do that? How they make a "cartoon" to turn 360 degrees at any direction, in real-time?
I've seen this kind of thing in Intros (as the intros never change), but in a game running in REAL-TIME ?
How is this done ?
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I'd say it's simple to make it turn in realitime like that if you mean what I think you mean. They render it some other way I guess, smoothing out the edges so it looks more 2D like.
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There is a tutorial about Cel Shading at Gamedev.net:


here is a little bit:

Cel-Shading is the "art" of rendering your objects to look like cartoons. Various cartoon effects can be achieved with very little modifications to the original source code. You can have anime effects, as seen in DragonballZ or Gundam, or "classic" cartoons such as Loony Toons. Cel-Shading is a very powerful form of rendering, and it's results can completely change the "feel" of a game. For instance, the cartoon-like graphics of Jet Set and Grind Radio on the Dreamcast add to the atmosphere and help create one hell of a funky game. However, don't expect this form of rendering to make your game amazing overnight - just play Loony Toons Space Race and you'll see that sometimes it doesn't really help at all.
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I think celshading is nice.However, I dont know if it would make gmes like fighters look better. LEt's keep in mind, this is justa way of rendering after all, so these things are modelled like they use to be, just rendered differently. I mean, the3D models will be as lifeless and simple as they used to be. However, this new rendering method adds a bit of life to them.Things like faces etc. still look like poopy IMO.

It's a new fashion. Like somebody in Gamefan said: "Cel shading is the lensflare of the 2000s"

as long as it's not abused, i think it's OK
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