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Give VmwAROS a go (the first AROS distro)

For all former Amithlon users, why don't you give VmwAROS a go ?
AROS got to the point that is very usable nowadays; it supports more modern hardware and it's currently actively developed (unlike amithlon).

Here's an exceptional AROS distro to get u going:

Also, a modern web browser is near completion (actually it's already made, the author has just to finalize some things before releasing it).
So once the browser is out, it will have a further boost in user base (and developers).

You can even run legacy Amiga apps & games; it's all included in the distro above.

If u need help about AROS go to the official forum:
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Originally Posted by amiga View Post
For all former Amithlon users, why don't you give VmwAROS a go ?
You can even run legacy Amiga apps & games; it's all included in the distro above.
Using UAE!!

The goal at this stage is to be compatable with 3.1 source code, so old amiga apps (some games) can be re-compiled and run natively under AROS!!

VmwAros is not the first but it has beome very popular!

For those interested in the process of porting OWB to aros, the guy doing the OWB port has a kept a blog thats quite a good read!!
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there seems to be some progress in implementing uae into AROS: http://o1i.blogspot.com/ finaly someone cares about the poor gui of (e-)uae
if i understand this correctly, the aim is to have a rootless 68k emulation.
that sounds pretty cool.

a related thread is over here: http://www.amiga.org/modules/newbb/v...49434&forum=22
cicero790 wrote:
The janus uae window is now open with my classicWB. And now… I click on the system drawer on the classicWB. And it opens. AND YOU CAN GRABB THIS WINDOW AND MOVE IT OUTSIDE THE UAE WINDOW into the AROS DESKTOP…
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