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Old 21 April 2002, 00:08   #21
Give up the ghost
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When I browse the Sunday salespapers with the news, the advertised games for PS2 seem far cooler than the ones for X-Box. If I knew nothing about M$ or Sony or anything, I'm certain I would choose a PS2 based upon how much I enjoyed the PS1 and the selection of games.
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Playstation games at the grocery store?

I was doing my grocery shopping today at Cub Foods and I saw a ton of Playstation games for $12.99 including Speedball 2100. PSX (Playstation & PS2) is a strong brand with a strong company (Sony). I see PSX games for sale everywhere I go even 7-11! I think M$ bit off more than they can chew. Over 150 Million Playstations have been sold worldwide and people don't want to loose thier software collection. PS2 runs both PS2 games & PSX games. M$ is up against the standard in consoles, the most successful console brand ever and there is a nice runner up Gamecube. The Gamecube has some cool games and those cute mini cds. It is sad that Dreamcast died but Gamecube is a good replacement and even has four joystick hookups in the front like Dreamcast. M$ can't even beat Palm how will they win against Sony? There is no room for 3 consoles in the console wars X-Box will loose.

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Give up the ghost
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: U$A
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That's a good point. I remember when I bought a friend a PSX game for Christmas a couple of years ago (Road Rash 3D...cool game, btw) and it was only like $10 or so at some mall toy store. We played that game the same as we would a $60 game because it was just good. It's hard to compete with excellent games even from the bargain bins that don't even outdate as fast as modern PC(ish) games.
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Old 21 April 2002, 13:43   #24
Into the Wonderful

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Yeah and theres now a budget range of PS2 games for £19.99
(in UK anyway, dont know about elsewhere).
You can now pick up games like Grand Turismo 3 for £20!!!!
Microsoft hasnt got a hope of competing with that.
It was sad about Dreamcast flopping like it did yes, and I think that had a MUCH better chance of competing with PS, so XBox IMO was doomed from the start.
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Old 23 April 2002, 10:59   #25
Tim Janssen
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Eek Gamecube dropping in price too

I read in a newspaper this morning Nintendo starts dropping the price of their Gamecube in Europe to 199 Euro. The console is not even released here! What does this say? -Micro$oft has started a price war with its Xbox.
I am very interested what the future will bring in this battle of the consoles.
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Old 23 April 2002, 11:58   #26

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Europe will soon be the only place where those console will have the lower worldwide price ! First time in history :hoo
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Old 23 April 2002, 12:33   #27
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For your information here in Greece the price is now:
406 €
Old 23 April 2002, 12:51   #28
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Price war = customers win in the short term. My lil' bro for one will be a happy Nintendo chappie.

Long term effects? Who knows? Could trigger another boom, a la 90's SNES/Megadrive. One or other machine in every kids' room. Game sales in six-digit numbers. Everyone happy. Even Sega.

Or M$ break Nintendo and turn the console market into the X-Box market.

Pfff! Nah, never going to happen!
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Old 23 April 2002, 13:22   #29
RIP Friends
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Originally posted by blackcornflake
Or M$ break Nintendo and turn the console market into the X-Box market.

Pfff! Nah, never going to happen!
I hope that will NOT happen.
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Old 23 April 2002, 13:58   #30
Into the Wonderful
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Over here the X-box has dropped in price, from $649 to $499. (That's AU dollars, remember.)

Apparently, from what I read in a paper, Microsoft blame this price slash on the impending release of the Nintendo Game Cube next month, and also due to poor and flagging X-box sales.

So I guess lots of Aussies don't think the X-box is so crash hot as it's made out to be...
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Old 23 April 2002, 14:31   #31
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Hooooo Something going to be released!

Thats going to make the XBox more popular next week.

*cough* modchip *cough*:eek :eek
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Old 23 April 2002, 15:05   #32
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Yes there is now a modchip for the X-box. And Nintendo is going to slash some bucks off their price as well to be sure to be cheaper than MS.
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