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Originally Posted by Hurrah Brother View Post
I never understood why the CPC range did so well, don't get me wrong, it was a very good machine (and quite expandable), but Sinclair, Commodore and Acorn had pretty much annihalated the competition in the years 1982/3. Once established, inertia did the rest to keep them top machines untill the arrival of the 16 bits. The CPC should have failed but somehow it bucked the trend and hung on in there .
The CPC confused me too, I didn't know anyone who had one, yet it was supposedly a popular platform and was definitely well supported with games.

I think the only reaon it was popular was the all-in-one design appealed to parents (no hogging the living room TV etc), plus Amstrad must have sucked up to Dixons etc. so that they were pushed in stores more than the other machines.

From what I remember the CPC had slightly better graphics than the C64 on some games, but the C64 was a better all rounder with better sound, and had a much bigger scene.
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I had a C-64 and a CPC464 (tape drive). The C-64 I thought was more user-friendly, and had better playability in general as far as games went (looked better, much MUCH better sounds).

The CPC464 had a fast tape drive (compared with the C-64 anyway) and the CPC664's disk drive (with a strange Amstrad-specific floppy disk) was heaps faster. It was also a better programming machine if you liked that kind of thing.

2 good machines, I still prefer C-64 over CPC, and WinUAE over both.
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I think the amstrad did so well with being blitzed on every catalog going, so that people who were never going to be able to go out and spend a lump of money in one go could get the kiddies a computer

yes the spectrum cost peanuts then but even so, blowing £100 in one go (how cheap did the spectrum actually end up getting?) was a big deal for some

plus it had classy marketing slogans like "The most legible typeface of any computer in it's class"

which has stuck in my mind due to being such a crap statement

actually, come to think of it, the cpc had some pretty intensive tv marketing didn't it

it's youtube 80's advert searching time maybe.

Hmm, anyone whose mad enough to collect old catalogoues maybe have a look back and see what was going on there too
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Some CPC games on game magazines screenshots looks very good but not in motion... I love that machine but not small playfield with huge black border and jerky animation.
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
also MSX2 have best soundchip of all 8-bits computers
I do think that SID of the C64 is generally thought of being the best soundchip of all 8bit computers...
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[ Show youtube player ]
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S2325 great test, I like!
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