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Ok, final statement for me. than you can again kill me

1) I save the rights from our commercial Software. In the past a Webmaster get a email (or when not fast enough or no email adress availaible) the hoster. No lawer, no cost, no money. I think thats a fair way.

2) some say that i am not friendly to the webmaster. Sorry, but there make us at first trouble when he spread software what we sell. i think its friendly enough that we dont use ways that the webmaster must pay many money.

3) I have never and i dont do it in the future make any Webmaster trouble when he spread illegal copies from other software from other companys.

4) Nobody have get trouble from when he spread fullversion from the Amiga Future. We have a licence for release it, that not the copyright. but a release on the Amiga Future CD or webpage dont make the software to PD. When you spread the software you can get trouble with the right holders.

5) Scene Archives. We published the CD that the user have a cheap way to get the Demos. at the time we maked the CD maked dealers a price about 2,50 Euro for a single disc and a call to a bbs cost 1-2 Euro for a single demo.

6) rights of this files. When the developer write everyone can free copy the Demo, every one can free copy. When he write, that dont make money with this, we cant make a Disk or CD with this single Demo and sell it. BUT we can make a CD with hundrets of Demos and can get payment for the work to make the cd, CD, inlay, Juwelcase, package and copy for the CD. and this we do it. that 100% correct with the law. we get with our CDs many trouble with dealers in germany (there sell single disc for 2,50 Euro). think someone really that they dont make us problems when we work illegal?

7) And yes, when someone write to us delete my files, i delete it. the law say its ok, but i delete it. i dont would make any trouble.

8) and yes, my english are very, very bad
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Graham Humphrey
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Right, I think it's time to put this one to bed, this has gone far enough now and we're just going round in circles.
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