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ATM you can get a lifetime premiun membership of Retromags forum for only 5$ (Premium Members = (7.5GB of Downloads Per Month))


About Retromags!

I created Retromags out of an idea to give back to the emulation community. I had seen a group that was taking it upon themselves to scan video game manuals for preservation. This group was called Gamemanuals.net and through seeing the work they were doing, I had an idea to scan my old Nintendo Power magazines tucked away in my closet. The idea was to create electronic versions of my old Nintendo Power magazines so that I could read them ANYWHERE I could use a computer. Back then I used to take train rides between Philadelphia and Washington DC and the thought of being able to read through some old Nintendo Powers seemed great. I wanted to have 100+ magazines with me at all times without having to carry them physically, and to not further damage the physical copies any further. So I started to think of a name, this site was originally going to be called PowerScans.com , but a few days after confirming it was available....it was snatched up. I went back to thinking of a name and finally decided on Retromags.

My goal from the beginning was to assemble a website that could act as a centralized location for video game magazines. Video game magazines are a huge part of our past and provide a great deal of information on unreleased games and prototypes that never made it. I had always hoped when I created this website that we could create an assembly line, where we had certain members that scanned magazines and others that were good with Photoshop fixing the scans up. If this site only had 20 people scanning 1 magazine per month, that would be 5 magazines released per week. It is only through coming together as a team that we can preserve this part of our past for future generations to enjoy.
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